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Make Us Your Cedar Roofing Company in Westchester County, NY


Take a drive through the beautiful, idyllic streets of West Chester County, NY cities such as South Salem, North Salem, Waccabuc and Pound Ridge, and you can find an abundance of homes featuring cedar roofing. Cedar’s natural beauty has made this wood a top choice of residential property owners throughout the county for many decades. If you’re one of these proud homeowners, then you already know that a cedar roof can do wonders for the resale value and curb appeal of your residence. 


However, proper cedar roof maintenance is essential for preserving it and ensuring it will last for years to come. After all, the often severe Westchester County climate can take quite a toll on your roof and even lead to its premature demise. The constant cycle of wet and dry weather will cause the cedar to swell and then contract, which ultimately leads to cracking and other damage. Other culprits include mold, mildew and debris such as tree branches and the sun’s UV rays.


Contact the Leading Cedar Roof Contractors in West Chester County, NY


For more than three decades, homeowners have been turning to Cedar Roof Coatings for professional cedar roof maintenance in Chappaqua, Bedford, Rye and Scarsdale, NY and throughout Westchester County. As experienced cedar roof preservation specialists, we can help you extend the life of your roof for another 10 to 15 years or more. We can also restore the appearance of your roof to like-new condition, which can make your home the highlight of the neighborhood.



Westchester County, NY Cedar Roof Maintenance Begins With a Comprehensive Inspection


With a base of operations in nearby Stamford, CT, we can easily serve South Salem, North Salem, Waccabuc, Pound Ridge and other Westchester County cities. We’ll be happy to send a top member of our management team to your home to perform a thorough roof inspection. We’ll provide an accurate evaluation of your roof’s true condition and recommend the best cedar roof maintenance course of action. You’ll also receive a comprehensive written estimate within one business day of our visit. 



We’ll Perform a Complete Cedar Roof Cleaning


Cedar roof cleaning is the next step in our cedar roof maintenance process. Once we receive your approval, we’ll arrange a convenient time to return to your home. We’ll apply a 100-percent eco-friendly pressure wash treatment to remove dirt, debris, mold, algae and tree branches. Cedar roof cleaning often uncovers any additional areas that might need repairs.


Cedar Roof Repair


We will then perform any cedar roof repair tasks that were identified during the inspection or cleaning. Replacing worn or damaged shingles is often necessary, and we’ll replace up to 20 shingles at no additional cost. 


Other common repair jobs include replacing ridge caps; repairing and replacing valleys, vents and flashings; and caulking smaller cracks. Taking care of these smaller cedar roof repairs now can prevent the need for major — and expensive — repairs or replacement down the road. 


Applying a Protective Coating


Within a few days after the completion of the cedar roof repair and washing process, we will return to your Westchester County, NY home to hand-apply a protective coating, which will help to preserve your roof. The coating has been designed to penetrate the wood and provide maximum protection against moisture and sun, while also highlighting the wood’s natural grain patterns. 


You can choose from seven different gorgeous colors to ensure the perfect complement to your home’s exterior. Once the job is complete, you will receive a Cedar Roof Restoration Certificate for your records within five to seven business days.


What Are the Benefits of Our Cedar Roof Maintenance Services?


Whether you choose us for cedar roof maintenance in Scarsdale, Rye, Chappaqua or Bedford, NY or anywhere else in Westchester County, you will reap numerous benefits from our services. Our cedar roofing company can:


  • Maximize your home’s curb appeal: A dull, dingy, damaged cedar roof will significantly detract from the appearance of your home. You’ll be amazed at the way our cedar roof maintenance services will make your home look more attractive. Your neighbors and passersby will be impressed, and your pride of ownership will increase exponentially.


  • Boost your home’s resale value: If you plan to sell your home at some point, one of the first things prospective buyers will look at is the condition of your cedar roof. By restoring your roof to like-new condition, our cedar roof contractors can add to the value of your property and give you a stronger negotiation position with buyers.


  • Lengthen your roof’s lifespan: As mentioned, the presence of cracks, mold, mildew and other issues can significantly shorten the lifespan of your roof. By getting rid these problems in their early stages, our cedar roof maintenance services can add years to your roof’s life. You’ll also be able to postpone or even eliminate a costly roof replacement down the road.


  • Preventing the buildup of mold: You undoubtedly have heard a lot about mold damage. Our effective cedar roof preservation process will keep destructive mold at bay, as mold spores will no longer be able to embed themselves in shingles, shakes and other areas. The lack of mold will enable you and your family to literally breathe easier!



We’re a Family-owned and Operated Westchester County Cedar Roofing Company You Can Trust 


While other Westchester County cedar roof contractors come and go, Cedar Roof Coatings has been a rock of stability in the area for more than 35 years. We’re a family-owned and operated company that is committed to providing the best cedar roof maintenance services at fair prices.



Contact Us for a Free Estimate Today


Cedar Roof Coatings — experienced cedar roofing contractors in Westchester County, NY proudly serving the following cities:



Some of the streets in Westchester County that we've worked on include:


  • Deep Wood Road

  • Cantitoe Road

  • Lakeview Lane

  • Sterling Drive

  • Sussex Avenue

  • Mill River Road

  • Heathcote Road

  • Algonquin Drive

  • Upper Shad Road



Learn more about what our cedar roof preservation services can do for your Westchester County, NY home. Give us a call or contact us online to receive your free cedar roof maintenance estimate today!


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