Roof Inspection

Roof leaks, if unattended, can have damaging effects on your home. Major interior damage, rot, mold, fungus and seepage can make your home unpleasant to live in and can make them unsafe

Roof Estimate / Inspection

Get a cedar roof inspection performed by a company that knows the cedar roof business.  There are many different mini industries inside roofing.  Just because a company does roofing doesn't mean they know about cedar roofs.

CEDAR ROOF COATINGS believes in having a full cedar roof inspection where we will reveal any potential problems that you need to be aware of. 


We are looking for a number of things including evidence of wind or hail damage, animal damage or infestation, quality of initial materials and installation, related issues like overhanging trees, clogged gutters and the integrity of all roof flashings and accessories.  We will, above all else, determine where your cedar roof is in its lifespan so that you know what should be done to either repair, restore or replace your roof. Leaving cedar shake roof maintenance to the professionals is always important. 


To schedule an appointment to have Michael come evaluate your roof, click here.


If your cedar roof inspection reveals that all you need is restoration, CEDAR ROOF COATINGS can save you thousands of dollars by restoring your existing roof! CRC will restore the original elegance and beauty of your cedar roof for a fraction of the replacement cost.

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