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Local Cedar Roofing Contractors in North Salem, NY


North Salem is a breathtaking, affluent little hamlet in Westchester County that contains homes of some extremely successful and well-known individuals. As you would expect, some of these homes are extremely appealing, some of them because of their gorgeous, natural cedar roofs.


A cedar roof increases curb appeal and really sets your home apart, even among expensive, great-looking houses. However, if you don’t maintain your cedar roof, it will set your home apart in a way you might not care for. Allowing a cedar roof to fall into disrepair is a grave sin if you value the appearance of your home in your community.


Cedar Roof Coatings Are Experts in Cedar Roof Maintenance Repair in North Salem, NY


Fortunately, for cedar roof cleaning in North Salem, NY, you have access to the premier Westchester and Fairfield county cedar roofing company in North Salem, NY: Cedar Roof Coatings. Cedar Roof Coatings has serviced Westchester and Fairfield counties for more than 35 years, providing cedar roof repair in North Salem, NY, and surrounding areas. We have the expertise you need to restore your cedar roof and keep it looking beautiful for a long time.


How Cedar Roof Coatings Maintenance Works​












Then comes the repair. We’ll do any needed caulking and shingle repair or replacement. We will even throw in up to 20 replacement shingles at no extra cost. Finally, we finish it all off with a protective coating that defends your roof against environmental damage like harsh weather conditions or unexpected impacts, in a beautiful color of your choosing from our selection of seven vibrant options.



Contact Cedar Roof Coatings for Your Cedar Roof Maintenance in North Salem Now


If you haven’t had cedar roof maintenance in a while, or ever, there’s no time to waste. You want your roof looking great and you want it looking great now. We can have your cedar roof looking fabulous in a few days, and put off a costly replacement job for a long time.


Let us show you why our reputation in Westchester County is so strong. Get in touch with us for a free estimate on cedar roof maintenance for your home today.



When you sign on for our total roof maintenance package, you get the full force of our cedar roof maintenance team. It begins with a complete roof inspection, identifying any possible problems and issues with your cedar roof that we need to address. That’s followed with our tested and approved pressure-wash cleaning, which gets rid of all that mold, mildew and other debris that’s making your cedar roof look old and worn out.

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