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Cedar Roof Maintenance in Rye, NY


Many of the most beautiful homes in Rye, NY and throughout Westchester County feature the natural style and refinement of cedar shingles. When you choose a cedar roof for your home, you immediately enhance its curb appeal. Plus, a cedar roof lasts far longer than more traditional and commonly used roofing materials, which means you get great value, too.


But if you fail to adequately care for your cedar roof, it won’t look nearly as beautiful or last as long. At Cedar Roof Coatings, we serve as the leading cedar roofing company in Rye, NY, providing maintenance, repair and cleaning services. When you want help to properly maintain your home, look no further than the Cedar Roof Coatings team.


Our Approach to Cedar Roof Maintenance

We use a proven approach to providing cedar roof cleaning in Rye, NY. The process begins with a thorough inspection by one of our experienced technicians. We choose not to send contractors to provide service at your home because we can only be sure of delivering the service excellence we’re known for when it’s one of our own team members doing the work.


After inspection, we use a pressure washer to clean away mold, mildew

and debris from your roof. This pressure washer is strong enough to leave

your roof as clean as possible, yet light enough to prevent any damage

to your shingles. We replace up to 20 shingles and any caulk that has

worn down. The final step in our approach is a protective coating that’s

available in seven different colors. You’ll be able to choose the color that

best complements the rest of your home.



Decades of Serving Westchester and Fairfield Counties


Looking for the best cedar roofing company in Rye, NY? You’ve found it

with Cedar Roof Coatings. Family-owned-and-operated, we’ve proudly

served communities throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties for

more than three decades, providing experience and knowledge while

also going above in beyond with our services.


When you own a home with a cedar roof, the last thing you want to do is skip regular cleaning and maintenance. We work quickly and effectively, getting the job done right while minimizing the disruption to your household. When you need cedar roofing contractors in Rye, NY, make sure to request a free estimate from Cedar Roof Contractors — your source for maintenance, cleaning and cedar roof repair in Rye, NY.​

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