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Great Cedar Roofing Contractors in Waccabuc, NY, for All Your Cedar Roof Maintenance Needs


Waccabuc, NY, is known to those who know Westchester County as New York’s Secret Suburb. It is in this small hamlet that some of the country’s most admired and successful luminaries make their homes. Naturally, those homes are beautiful, and many of them have breathtaking cedar roofs.


If you have a home with a cedar roof, you must have a quality source of cedar roof maintenance in Waccabuc, NY, to keep it looking that way. A cedar roof in poor repair, featuring missing shingles, discoloration or rot, completely defeats the purpose of having one of these amazing roofs. The right cedar roofing company in Waccabuc, NY, can help keep your cedar roof looking great for years to come.


Cedar Roof Coatings Is the Only Name You Need for Cedar Roof Repair in Waccabuc, NY


Whether your cedar roof is suffering from curling or splitting shingles, moss and mold damage, or is just in need of a good cedar roof cleaning, Waccabuc, NY, homeowners know to call Cedar Roof Coatings. We are an experienced cedar roof maintenance company local to Westchester and Fairfield counties that has been in business for more than 35 years, and we know how to make your cedar roof look great and last at a reasonable price.


What Does Cedar Roof Maintenance From Cedar Roof Coatings Typically Entail?













Contact Cedar Roof Coatings for a Beautiful New Look to Your Old Cedar Roof Today


If your cedar roof in Waccabuc, NY, or anywhere else in Westchester or Fairfield counties is crying out for repair, there’s no time to waste. Contact Cedar Roof Coatings online today for a free, no-obligation quote on cedar roof maintenance and repair services.




For a full maintenance service on your cedar roof, one of our expert managers will start with a complete roof inspection. We will identify all potential problems and areas where we can bolster and beautify your roof and explain everything to your satisfaction. We will then deliver to you a free estimate for our services.


The next step is a pressure wash that thoroughly and safely cleans your cedar roof. This will clear off any debris and free us up to thoroughly address any repairs we need to make, including replacing damaged shingles, up to 20 of which we will replace at no cost.


Once the roof is thoroughly cleaned and repaired, it’s time to coat and preserve it. We’ll come back in a couple of days and add a protective coating in your choice of colors. This further beautifies your roof and puts oil back into the shingles, protecting it from the elements and potentially extending the lifespan of your cedar roof for years.

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