Cedar roof treatment can greatly extend life expectancy of your cedar roof. CEDAR ROOF COATINGS offers an all-encompassing preservation and maintenance program for your convenience to keep your home looking it's best and your major repairs at bay.


CEDAR ROOF COATINGS highly trained staff professionally remove moss, mold, mildew, fungus and debris from your cedar roof, restoring it to a clean natural wood color without damaging the structure of the wood. The thin layers of wood cells that have been pulverized by Ultra Violet rays (UV) are removed, revealing the true beauty of your cedar roof.


Once cleaned, the wood can then be treated to guard against mildews, molds, fungus and UV Damage. In addition to inhibiting the growth of fungus, our product also protects and rejuvenates the lubricity and repellency lost due to the weather and time, thus adding years to the life of your roof.



Cedar roof preservation includes three important steps:





Step 1 - Wash
Step 2 - Repair
Step 3 - Preserve

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Your roof will be thoroughly washed using product Cedar Wash, which is a 100 percent Eco-Friendly hydrogen peroxide based formulation - to remove any dirt, mold, mildew and algae build up.  After the wash, CRC will walk around the  house to see what touch ups need to be done such as recaulking of column bases.  We will check your house from the foundation and give recommendations in order to keep your house fresh and new!





If during the wash process, any compromised shingles are divulged, we will replace up to 20 at no additional cost to you.


However, sometimes in particular areas of the roof, shingles can experience....  At this time, we'll provide you with an estimate to replace any shingles that couldn't withstand the wash process due to their weakness.


Keep in mind, curled shingles don't necessarily have to be replaced.  If there are any curled shingles that you'd like us to replace for aesthici purposes, please advise.





Within a few days (depending on weather) we will return to hand apply* our preservation product. This product protects and enhances the integrity of new and old wood, as well as penetrates deeply into the wood - which highlights grain patterns with beautiful clarity.  The product also repels water, stops UV damage, prevents wood rot and eliminates mold and mildew. 


*The hand application is necessary for the deepest product penetration.





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