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Cedar Roofing Contractors for the Town of Fairfield, CT 


Your town of Fairfield is known for its strong community, universities, Penfield Beach, fabulous restaurants and great school system. It’s also known for its picturesque neighborhoods filled with attractive homes, many of which feature roofs made from beautiful cedar wood.


There are 407 homes with cedar roofs in Fairfield.  Is one of them yours? If so, then you already recognize that the prestige of having a wood roof on your home is second to none, with its stunning curb appeal. You might also understand the challenges involved with protecting and preserving a cedar roof.


The biggest threat to cedar roof longevity is the extreme Connecticut weather. The moisture from the region’s relentless rain and snow causes a cedar roof to swell. Conversely, the hot summer sun will dry out the wood, which leads to shrinkage. This continuous cycle of expanding and shrinking ultimately leads to cracks and other damage, which will ruin a cedar roof before its time.


Preventive Cedar Roof Maintenance Is the Key to a Long Lifespan


Taking proactive steps to maintain your cedar roof can eliminate minor issues before they can become major problems. For more than three decades, homeowners in Fairfield, CT have been turning to Cedar Roof Coatings to help them preserve the functionality and beauty of their cedar roofs. We offer complete, cost-effective cedar roof maintenance services that will make your roof look like new. Our services can also add 10-15 years or more to your roof’s lifespan.




How Does Cedar Roof Coatings Maintain Your Roof?


Our cedar roof maintenance process begins with a comprehensive inspection performed at your convenience by a top cedar roofing company manager. We’ll then provide a detailed written estimate for our services. Once you give your approval, we’ll return to execute a cedar roof cleaning and treatment, which typically takes one full day. We’ll also perform basic cedar roof repair tasks such as caulking and shingle replacement.


After allowing 2-3 days for drying, we’ll then apply a protective cedar roof coating that will also enhance your roof’s visual appeal. We apply this cedar roof coating by hand to ensure thorough surface coverage and penetration. Once we complete the process, we’ll send you a Cedar Roof Restoration Certificate of Completion approximately 5-7 days after the job is done.


In addition to protecting your roof against moisture, mold, mildew and other destructive forces, cedar roof maintenance will significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal. An attractive, well-maintained cedar roof can also increase your home’s resale value.




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If you're looking to preserve your cedar roof, take the next step and contact us for a FREE no obligation quote from one of our top managers. 


We also serve Cos CobWilton, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Westchester County and more!

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