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Getting Started

Congratulations!  You are about to take the first step in learning about your cedar roof and how to maintain one of your largest investments! We strive to provide a professional experience with you and look forward to having you as one of our satisfied customers!


As soon as you contact us, we'll set up a time to either meet with you personally, or have your persmission to access the property in order to measure and evaluate your cedar roof.   


Within one business day we'll send you an estimate to clean and treat your roof with any other recommendations we observed.


We recommend you read as much information as you can from our site to educate yourself about your cedar roof in order to make a sound decision about moving forward.



Here are some of our useful resources:



Once accepted, if there is no timeframe to adhere to, we'll choose the next available date on CRC's calendar to begin the wash process.  


Depending on the size of your roof, the cleaning process will most likely take one day to complete.  We'll make sure that you are aware of any shingles that the crew determines needs replacement or any other issues. 


Once the roof has been washed, the next phase is the treatment phase. The the oil is applied only when you're roof is adequately dry.  Typically at least 2-3 days of dry weather is suitable conditions to return and complete the process.  At this time, we'll hand apply the preservative that will give your roof the proper protection necessary to extend it's life!


Once completed - you will recieve via e-mail or mail between 5-7 business days a Cedar Roof Restoration Certificate that you can file with your home records indicating its maintenance information.


CEDAR ROOF COATINGS is fully insured, and we can supply you with references from hundreds of satisfied homeowners.

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