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What to do?


My cedar roof is getting old. There are so many people with viewpoints

telling me so many conflicting things to do, I honestly don't know what to do.


Help is right here in this website for you! 


Knowing which alternative is most suitable for your situation is a challenge. The choices of doing roof repairs, roof maintenance, roof restorations or roof replacement using either cedar or asphalt are important decisions for homeowners with cedar roofs on their homes.


This website is designed as an educational website for homeowners who wish to understand the investment they have made through having a cedar roof.  Whenever you are ready to make a decision to have work done on your cedar roof, the information contained in this website is vital for your education. After all, getting the best bite for your buck is essential. Good knowledge about cedar roofs is essential for getting the best value. Getting that knowledge without having to interact with a salesperson will give you the opportunity to do the research without pressure or bias. Then when you are ready to move forward, you will be prepared, at least with the right questions.


Good luck and good learning. I look forward to chatting with you!    






Frequently Asked Questions


I just need my roof washed!

Why don't the natural oils and resins in cedar and redwood prevent this from happening? They do, at first, but the infrared rays from the sun draws out the oils and resins. This lessens their ability to protect the wood because when the oil and resins (extractives) come to the surface, rain will wash them away.


The main purpose of wood preservatives is to put the oil and resins back into the wood, which repels the water and hardens the shakes.Allowing the shakes to breathe is essential.

What happens if I don't do anything at all?

The shingles will continue to get beaten on by UV Rays and this will cause the shingles to eventually crack and break apart. In addition, they can start to lift, cup, or curl - also leading to repair or replacement. And lastly, moss, mildew and algae will grow on the roof - not allowing moisture to escape, not only will it look awful - the shingles become very brittle.

Can powerwashing actually hurt my roof?

Yes, inexperience and high pressure can damage cedar roofs. Many companies claim to know the process, but beware because cedar roof maintenance is a specialty craft. This is not a common trade and should only be carried out by professionals and specialists in this field.


Experience is a must! All staff go through extensive training to ensure proper methods are used. All they do is work on cedar roofs full time perfecting their craft.

Why does moss and algae grow on my roof?

Moss and algae are usually found on roofs when there is not enough airflow and sun on the roof to keep it dry. The closer in proximity to trees and overhaning brances cause more greens to grow on your roof.


If left on the roof, the moss, mildew and algae will hold significant moisture against the shingles and will not allow the wood to breathe or dry out. In turn, this will lead to significant roof deterioration.

How do I know if my roof is too old to treat?

Every cedar roof is different. Some are 12 years old and too late to treat, where others can be as old as 23 years and can be reconditioned. We offer a free written inspection report by a qualified cedar roof inspector. The longer you put it off the more repairs it will require. Call us for a free inspection.

But, I like the natural look!

Pigment is the primary ingredient that protects the wood from ultra-violet rays. Ultra-viloet rays from the sun are the ones that "gray" the wood. When you see wood starting to gray, you can be sure UV is damaging it.


If you like the natural look, we will wash the shingles and then apply a clear coat. If you'd like the gray color immeditaly - we offer that in one of our pigment blends. Otherwise, we offer very natural and beautiful colors that are NOT orange or red, and maintain a very natural look.

When should I start preserving my roof?

CRC recommends treatment after 1 year of product installation. By starting maintenance earlier than later, not only are you protecting your roof but also you are saving money by eliminating the need for a more extensive clean, repair or replace in the future.

How does CRC stand out from other roofing companies?

Our leadership team is comprised of versatile professionals who each handle specific aspects of your job. Chris- the president of the company is extremely knowledgeable and always available for any questions and concerns. Michael- the sales and marketing director brings the artistic aspect, making sure your home is left picturesque!

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