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Fall Cedar Roof Maintenance Tips

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Fall here in the Fairfield County, CT & Westchester County, NY area is particularly lovely. Cooler temperatures and a variety of colorful foliage are just around the corner, prompting many to take a weekend drive up and down the coast or through the Hudson River Valley.

Here at Cedar Roof Coatings, we think autumn is a great time to let your cedar roof really shine. As people turn their attention upward to view changing leaves, they’ll take note of how your choice of roofing material really complements the seasonal scenery. Cedar roof maintenance in the fall is a smart way to make sure your home’s aesthetic features are highlighted, along with measuring its preparedness for winter.

Should You Have Your Cedar Roof Maintained in the Fall?

We believe year-round cedar roof maintenance is a great way to keep a clean surface while ensuring its proper operation. That said, fall poses a few unique challenges you’ll want to be aware of, such as:

  • Broken Shingles: Start by conducting a visual inspection of your cedar roof from the ground. If you should notice any broken, damaged or chipped shingles, it’s time to have a professional come by to replace them. Also take note of any gaps that look considerably larger or smaller than a quarter of an inch. Gaps significantly different from this mark will need to be replaced.

  • Critters: During your visual inspection, if you spot a bird or rodent’s nest, call a professional. While it’s considerate to think of the well-being of an animal, these creatures can burrow their way into your home and cause further damage if not relocated to a more appropriate environment.

  • Leaves and Branches: As the changing foliage begins to wither and fall off trees, you’ll want to remain vigilant and ensure it doesn’t stay on your roof. If a pile of debris should collect on your roof, its weight can damage your shingles and strain your home’s infrastructure.

  • Moss and Mold: If a patch of moss and/or mold should appear on your roof, you’ll want to call a professional to eradicate it. Moss can really harm a cedar roof — and mold, if left untreated, can spread into your house and have adverse effects on your health.

  • Water Leaks: To find leaks, take a walk through your home’s attic to look for pooled water or a drip. Should you find one, you’ll want to reach out to a cedar roofing professional to have it plugged.

  • Insulation Leaks: While searching your attic for water leaks, you’ll want to look at your insulation to see how well it’s performing. If you find gaps in coverage, or if it seems quite old, it’s time to consider having it replaced.

Cedar Roof Coatings: Your Cedar Roof Maintenance & Repair Professionals

If your Fairfield County, CT, or Westchester County, NY, home needs professional cedar roof maintenance or repair services this fall, contact us here at Cedar Roof Coatings. We're a family-owned company based in Stamford, CT, that specializes in cedar roof preservation. We’d be happy to work with you to ensure your home’s cedar roof is in optimal condition this coming season.

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