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Cedar Roof Coatings is your cedar roof maintenance professional, serving the towns of Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Wilton, Westport, Easton, Weston, Fairfield, Ridgefield and Redding.

Choosing a Cedar Roof Offers Both Short- and Long-term Environmental Advantages

Stamford, Connecticut, December 15, 2014: Cedar Roof Coatings takes pride in announcing choosing cedar roofing materials offers both short- and long-term environmental advantages. Today’s society places emphasis on “going green” and being environmentally conscious. This is why they offer the maintenance and repair services their customers need to keep their roof in great condition for a longer life.

Cedar Roof Repair Can Be Done Year Round

Stamford, Connecticut, October 16, 2014: Cedar Roof Coatings is pleased to announce they can perform cedar roof repair to ensure their clients have a safe, stable roof that will protect their home from the elements. These repairs can be made throughout the year, even when the weather is cold and the snow is falling.

Cedar Roof Coatings Helps Preserve CT Cedar Roofs with Their Two-Step Process

Stamford, Connecticut, August 15, 2014: Cedar Roof Coatings is pleased to announce they can help Connecticut residents preserve their roofs with their two-step process. They understand the importance of properly protecting a cedar roof to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Cedar Roof Coatings Uses High-Quality, Environmentally-Friendly Products to Maintain the Natural Beauty of Fairfield County Roofs

Stamford, Connecticut, June 16, 2014: Cedar Roof Coatings is pleased to announce they use only high-quality, environmentally-friendly products to help homeowners maintain the beauty of their Fairfield County roofs. Cedar roofing requires special maintenance because it is a natural material and more susceptible to damage over time.

Cedar Roof Coatings to Complete Free Summer Inspections
Cedar Roof Coatings Recommends a Safer and Attractive Roofing Option

Stamford, Connecticut, November 10, 2014: Cedar Roof Coating is pleased to announce they recommend a safer, more attractive roofing option to homeowners. Cedar roof installation is one of the best choices homeowners can make to keep their home safer and create a unique look for their homes.

Cedar Roof Coatings Offers the Best in Cedar Roof Cleaning Processes and Yearly Maintenance

Stamford, Connecticut, September 29, 2014: Cedar Roof Coatings takes great pride in announcing they offer the best in cedar roof cleaning processes and yearly maintenance. They understand the best ways to keep a cedar roof looking great for years to come and how to reduce the chances of needing repairs in the near future.

Cedar Roof Coatings Offers Maintenance and Cleaning for Residential and Commercial Cedar Roofs

Stamford, Connecticut, July 17, 2014: Cedar Roof Coatings is pleased to announce they offer maintenance and cleaning for both residential and commercial cedar roofs. This type of roofing creates a natural beauty for any home but requires more maintenance than other types of roofing materials.

For the Ultimate in Spring Cleaning, Cedar Roof Coatings Offers Pressure Wash Treatments

Stamford, Connecticut, April 18, 2014: Cedar Roof Coatings is pleased to announce they offer pressure wash treatments to keep cedar shingle roofing in great shape. When homeowners are completing their spring cleaning around the home and yard, proper cedar roof maintenance should be a priority.

Stamford, Connecticut, May 5, 2014: Cedar Roof Coatings is pleased to announce they will complete free summer inspections for homeowners who have cedar shingle roofing. Many homeowners fail to complete annual inspections of their roof, which can lead to serious problems. These free inspections will make it easier for homeowners to determine if they need cedar roof cleaning or repairs.

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