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What You Can Do

Cedar roofing is the only type of roofing material where regular maintenance can prolong its longevity. 

Have  You Looked At Your Roof Lately?


Does it look dark and dingy?


Does it have excessive tree debris?


Are you missing shakes or shingles?


Have you found any roof materials on the ground or in the gutter?


Can you notice heavy moss?



Signs that your cedar roof is breaking down from lack of any maintenance includes shingles or shakes that are curling, splitting, cupping, or swelling.  Leaks are often a result of degeneration of the cedar.


The good news is that you may still have an opportunity to protect your cedar roof through proper maintenance.  Even though your roof may be showing signs of deterioration, in many cases, we can still restore the wood and prevent replacement for you.


Contact us to set up a free inspection to learn more about your options.


CEDAR ROOF COATINGS will call soon!

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