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Selecting Cedar Shingles for Your Roof

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

A roof is one of the most important structural elements on a home. They're exposed to debris and varying weather conditions, and they help insulate your residence. Selecting a roof and the materials that go into it can alter the ways in which you view and enjoy your home.

Cedar shingles could be the missing piece in a home's architectural design and appeal. Suitable for a number of home styles, cedar shingles last for years and pair well with various exterior coatings.

The Importance of Roof Shingles

Selecting the right roof shingle has the potential to alter the curb appeal of your home. It's crucial to select a shingle that suits your expectations and budget as a homeowner. The overall function of a shingle relates to keeping your home dry and protected, so failure to research your options can lead to energy loss, too much sun exposure and quicker deterioration.

What Are Cedar Shingles?

A cedar shingle is a common roofing material originating from the coniferous tree. Cedar is in high demand for both shingles and shakes, as the wood is extremely durable. Cedar shingles can last longer than other woods and carry decay-resistant characteristics that are desirable for home improvement projects.

Cedar wood is typically recognizable by its fresh scent and bright color. In most cases, the value of a home increases when cedar roof shingles are present. These materials are crafted to look smooth and provide a rustic look for homes of all ages and sizes.

Different Types of Cedar Shingles and Wood

When it comes to roofing, there are two main types of cedar woods to choose from. Consumers have a choice between red and white cedar for their home, and both options have their fair share of benefits.

Red cedar is common with modern shingles, as the wood is extremely strong and holds up against intense heat. The wood contains tannic acid (a natural preservative) which helps prevent insect damage, rotting and sun spots. Similar to other materials, red cedar darkens in color over time.

Choosing white cedar is generally less expensive and ages to a silver-gray color after years of sun exposure. White cedar provides solid stability in the form of a shingle and often hails from Northern origins.

Sawn vs. Sanded Cedar Shingles

Homeowners have the option of purchasing sawn or sanded cedar shingles from most manufacturers. Sawn options resemble cedar shakes and provide a rough texture for consumers. Sanded options are smoother-looking from the outside of your home and appear across modern designs.

Homeowners are attracted to cedar shingles for their customization potential. However, consumers should consider several key factors when purchasing these materials for their roof.

Selecting Cedar Shingles

Without a doubt, cedar shingles bring natural beauty to any home. On average, cedar shingles last up to a decade longer than other roofing materials such as asphalt. Cedar shingles are durable, but they do require a homeowner to monitor changes in the roof and schedule regular maintenance to support their investment.

Fortunately, Cedar Roof Coatings will help you prevent the growth of moss, mold and fungus. As Connecticut's and New York's premier cedar roof specialist, we are dedicated to serving both Fairfield and Westchester counties.

Contact Cedar Roof Coatings for Roof Maintenance

Cedar Roof Coatings keeps your cedar roof and shingles spotless and free from debris. Our knowledgable experts provide complete roof inspections, cleaning and treatment options, preservation programs and more to protect your roof from premature aging. Cedar roofs see the following benefits from our maintenance programs and services:

  • Extended Roof Life

  • Rejuvenating Color

  • Highlighted Grain Patterns

  • Reduction of UV Damage

  • Wood Rot Prevention

  • And More

Your home is one of the largest investments you'll make, so why not protect it? If you are seeking cedar roof maintenance, be sure to contact Cedar Roof Coatings today. We provide free estimates for our services and will help save you money for years at a time.

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