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How Professionals Repair Cedar Roof Shingles

Updated: Feb 5

A professional cedar shingle roof repair from Cedar Roof Coatings begins with our roof professionals carefully inspecting your roof for signs of cedar shingle damage and any problems. Cedar shingle repairs begin with a discussion with you, where our experts provide information about the problem and the solutions. We ensure your cedar roof shingles are repaired to their full beauty to preserve the integrity of your roof and protect your home.

How to Fix a Cedar Shingle Roof Like the Professionals Do

While cedar shingles are a beautiful and durable option for your roof, over time, like any material, they can be impacted by wear and tear. Animals, storms, sun, and rain can cause damage. You may notice missing shingles, moss, cupped or split shingles, and other common problems. If some of your shingles are missing because of storms or animals, you may even notice leaks inside your home.

Any physical damage to your roof caused by falling branches or any heavy object on your roof can cause splits in shingles or missing shingles. You may even notice cracks.

Our professionals at Cedar Roof Coatings always begin with a careful inspection to ensure we understand the root of the problem. If we notice moss and determine water damage is an issue, we can ensure you get the water issue addressed to preserve the life of your shingles. We can also then replace the affected cedar shingles, taking care to clean up after the job.

Our team of experts at Cedar Roof Coatings can inspect and repair ridge caps, inspect and replace any severely damaged shakes or shingles, and inspect and replace damaged vents, flashings, and valleys. Your roof affects the curb appeal of your home and the structural integrity of your home. We ensure your cedar shingles are in great shape.

Why the Right Cedar Roof Shingle Repairs Are Crucial

Whether your cedar roof has been damaged by insects or is just showing its age, it’s important to contact the professionals at Cedar Roof Coatings. Your roof protects your home, and shingle damage can impact the integrity of your roof and lead to costly repairs later.

The experts at Cedar Roof Coatings will diagnose and repair any damage, plus offer suggestions for proper maintenance to keep your roof looking its best for longer. We can recommend regular inspections, coatings or treatments, and other protective measures to safeguard your investment.

At Cedar Roof Coatings, we are experts in cedar shingles, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We show up on time, keep you informed about the work needed for your shingles, and provide you with estimates so you know what to expect.

Do You Need Cedar Shingle Repairs in Coastal New York or Connecticut?

If your cedar shingle roof isn’t looking or performing its best, contact the cedar shingle specialists at Cedar Roof Coatings. Our job is to restore your roof to its natural beauty, and we’re the most trusted choice for cedar roof shingle repair and maintenance in Connecticut and Coastal New York. If you’re seeing leaks or problems, contact us to set up an inspection with one of our professionals.

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