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Types of Cedar Roof Damage

Your roof is an essential part of your home, but it needs to be in good condition to perform optimally. Roof damages hinder the structure's ability to protect your home and everyone in it. Knowing the most common types of roof damage is crucial to identifying any potential issues and taking necessary precautions.

Most Common Roofing Issues

Depending on where you live and how well your roof is maintained, it might be more susceptible to some issues and resulting damage than others. Here are some common roof problems.

Wind and Storms

Your roof is always exposed to the elements, and weather such as strong winds and storms can cause roof damage. It's not uncommon for shingles to crack or go missing from your roof entirely if the weather conditions are bad enough. Fortunately, cracked or missing shingles are relatively easy to repair, but they could cause major problems if they are left untreated. An excellent way to combat this type of damage is to choose roofing material with high wind resistance.

High Heat

Especially during the summer months, your roof can get hot, and exposure to high temperatures can eventually cause shingles to dry out and crack, tiles to start shrinking and blistering and the roofing materials to become discolored. In severe conditions, roofing materials like asphalt shingles can melt.

There are a couple of ways to keep your roof protected in hot temperatures. The granules in asphalt shingles provide an extra layer of protection against UV rays, so if your shingles are in good shape, they can help protect your roof. You will also want to make sure you have proper roof ventilation to prevent any heat inside the home from causing high-heat roof damage.

Structural Damage

Structural damage occurs when the supporting frame of the roof is compromised. This type of damage can be characterized by the sagging of the plywood decking or rotting pieces of fascia. While structural damage can be obvious at times, it can also go unnoticed when it's at the base of your roof or in the interior structure. Regular roof inspections from our professionals at Cedar Roof Coatings can help you detect any signs of structural damage before they become a significant problem.

Aging Roof and Shingles

Damage caused by the passage of time is another common issue. Even with regular and proper maintenance, roofing materials start to lose their appearance and functionality when they are nearing the end of their estimated life span.

Let Cedar Roof Coatings Handle the Repairs

If you have a damaged roof, immediate repairs are always the best option to prevent further damage. At Cedar Roof Coatings, we have a team of licensed, insured and bonded professionals who will thoroughly examine your roof to determine the issue and perform exceptional repairs. Contact us today for a consultation.

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