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What to Do if Your Cedar Roof Is Leaking

Routine roof maintenance is essential for all homeowners. Your roof keeps you warm and protects you from snow, rain and debris. It can also act as a barrier between storms and hurricane runoff. Cedar roofs are remarkable for their resistance to storms and exceptional beauty. But you should know that cedar roofs are similar to other materials in their need for routine maintenance.

The experts at Cedar Roof Coatings know how to spot and address a leaking cedar roof. We'll explain signs of leaking roofs, the importance of scheduling roof inspections with our professional roofers and how we fix a leaking roof.

Signs Your Cedar Roof Is Leaking

If you discover water spots, wet roof decking or drips in your ceiling or attic, try to find the leak from the inside of your home. You need to narrow down other possible causes, like plumbing issues or moisture buildup inside your home. Once you determine that your cedar roof is leaking, our professionals can stop leakage from the ceiling by inspecting the roof and determining the best course of action.

A few indicators can give away the leak's location. These might include:

  • Dark water spots on your ceilings or walls

  • Sagging or ceiling discoloration

  • Areas where light shines through

Other less noticeable signs of cedar roof leaks can only be inspected from the roof itself. Hire a professional roofer from Cedar Roof Coatings for a safe routine assessment to catch leaks early and fix any damage to prevent future leaks.

Our company inspects roofs for damage that isn't obvious to homeowners so we can maintain your cedar roof. Damage that can cause roof leakage and is often unseen by homeowners includes:

  • Broken plumbing vent boots: A vent boot covers the pipes that stick out of your roof to prevent water from entering. A broken one can result in a leaking roof.

  • Missing shingles: Your shingles might be missing or cracked by severe weather. Damaged shingles can cause roof leakage resulting in mold, rotting and damage to your insulation.

  • Gutter Leaks: A leaking gutter can cause damage to the edge of your roof and let rainwater seep into your home.

  • Damaged roof vents: Roof vents make up the structure of your attic ventilation system and can cause leaks.

  • Loose step flashing: Flashing redirects water to your gutters. When your step flashing is damaged, water can stay on your roof deck or leak into chimneys, skylights and vents.

  • Purposefully drilled holes: These tiny holes can be hard to find but can cause leakage through your cedar roof. Our professional roofers might find holes left over from satellite dishes or any other mounting brackets that might have been on your roof.

Whether your leak is obvious or unseen from the inside of your home, call a professional like Cedar Roof Coatings to ensure the safest inspection. When you're unsure if you have a roof leakage problem, we can safely determine any issues by assessing your roof from above. It's essential to have routine inspections to prevent future leakage.

The Importance of Repairing Leaks Early

It might be tempting to place a bucket under the source when your ceiling leaks from rain and forego a professional inspection. However, if left untreated, a leaking roof can cause issues in other areas of your house that can require remodeling or a complete roof replacement. To avoid future costs and preserve the beauty of your cedar roof, it's essential to have it inspected as soon as you notice or suspect a leak.

There are many benefits to repairing leaks early, including:

  • Maintaining the durability of your cedar roof: Allowing a leaky ceiling to continue can result in a buildup of rainwater that will not go down to the gutters. At this point, you can have a sagging, water-logged roof susceptible to collapsing.

  • Preserving the structural integrity of your entire house: When water builds up on your roof, it can cause damage to ceilings, walls, flooring and insulation. Catching and repairing leaks early helps avoid remodeling costs from cracked floors or walls. Additionally, you preserve furniture, electronics and other valuables that a leaking roof could impact.

  • Ensuring safe living conditions for your family: Moisture accelerates mold and mildew growth in attics or ceiling spots affected by a leaking roof. Mold and mildew can cause health problems for your house's inhabitants like wheezing, allergies and skin irritation.

Missing shingles or other damages can weaken your cedar roof's durability, so it's essential to have it inspected one to two times a year. This will ensure the structural integrity of your house and create safer living conditions for your family. You should also have your roof inspected after a severe storm to check for damage that could cause leaks.

Call a professional roofer from Cedar Roof Coatings as soon as you notice or suspect your roof may be leaking. We can quickly identify and fix the leak while protecting your cedar roof for the future.

How Our Professionals Repair Leaking Cedar Roofs

Cedar Roof Coatings will inspect your roof, repair any damage and prevent future repairs and costs associated with a leaking cedar roof. We inspect and fix many features of your roof that are unsafe for you to access, such as:

  • Ridge caps that need replaced

  • Rotting or cracked shingles and shakes

  • Vents, valleys and flashings

Though their materials are stunning, cedar roofs are just like any other and require inspection and occasional repairs to preserve their appearance and longevity. When you call us, our roof professionals assess your cedar shingles for any damage that could be caused by water, debris or storms.

Our experts complete a safe inspection to determine the cause of the leak, provide an estimate so you know what to expect and repair your roof. We also safeguard your investment by recommending annual inspections, coatings or treatments.

Call Cedar Roof Coatings for Leaking Roof Inspection and Repair

Your cedar roof increases your house's curb appeal and keeps you protected. Recognize the signs of a leaking roof to catch leaks early and prevent extensive repairs. Routine roof maintenance is essential to assess any damage that can impact the safety of your family and your home.

Call Cedar Roof Coatings to inspect, repair and reduce the risks of a future leaking roof. Our experts will safely determine the cause of leaks, repair roof damage and recommend preventative care to protect your investment and preserve your cedar's natural beauty.

To preserve your cedar roof, contact us today!

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