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How to Tout a Cedar Roof for a Smooth Home Sale

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Homeowners selling property with a cedar roof often face questions about the roof, including how to care for it and why a potential buyer should be willing to pay more for a home with a cedar roof. Here are four of the biggest things you can do to help express what makes a cedar roof a smart investment, and your home a perfect place for their future.

Clean, Repair or Replace

Get your cedar roof cleaned and inspected ahead of putting your home on the market, because it’ll make your home look great and could head off any problems, too. This inspection may also show that you need a new roof, or that you have areas that need to be repaired.

Having the roof in tip-top shape before the sale will give your buyers confidence that your home is being well taken care of and that you don’t have any hidden dangers or damage. A cedar roof will last twice as long as a standard roof, at least, and having it cared for may prevent an inspector unfamiliar with cedar roofs from saying yours needs to be replaced.

Cleaning and maintenance programs can also provide you with written reviews and inspection notes concerning your roof’s quality, which can be good to have on hand. Simple cleanings can often resolve many of the cosmetic issues with a cedar roof, while your inspection documents can ensure buyers that the underlying framework is solid and will last for years.

Share the Benefits

Many buyers won’t have any experience with a cedar roof, so they’re unaware of the benefits that are achieved when you have one of these beautiful roofs.

It’s important to share with buyers why you purchased a cedar roof and why you’ve enjoyed it so far:

  • Cedar lasts at least 10 years longer than common roofing materials.

  • Cedar is resistant to strong winds, rains, hail, snow and severe weather.

  • The material is eco-friendly in most cases.

  • Few traditional roofs look better than cedar.

Provide Warranty Information

Many cedar roofs come with certifications and are backed by transferable warranties that cover leaks, repairs and more. Let prospective buyers know about these options — or make sure your realty partner knows they can discuss these — because it can boost buyer confidence and prevent concerns.

Give the buyers peace of mind and provide a clear path for them to have future support. If you enrolled in a cedar roof maintenance program or have other regular inspections, let the potential buyers know they have a trusted partner going forward.

Where Did You Save?

One reason many people consider a cedar roof is that they can reduce monthly energy costs. A cedar wood roof can provide up to twice the insulation as an asphalt roof, so you’ve probably seen the savings each month. Let potential buyers know what they can expect and how much the investment has saved you.

Need your cedar roof repaired or cleaned before selling your home? Contact us today.

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