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Tips from Cedar Roof Coatings to Stay Warm This Winter

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

This time of year, it’s easy to get bogged down in the cold weather. Winds work to decrease the chilly temps, while rains, ice and snow all create a miserable environment outside. It’s also difficult to keep the interior of your home warm if your cedar roof needs repair.

How do you stay warm this winter? By playing it smart instead of cranking up the heat. By working smarter, not harder, you can help keep your energy bill under control without freezing in the process.

A List of Ways to Stay Warm

  • Schedule a cedar roof inspection. Having your roof looked at by a pro can ensure your roof is safe and will keep out inclement weather. Contact a cedar roof contractor for an estimate. He will be able to detect if any cedar roof repair is necessary.

  • Get rid of air leaks. Caulk the windows and put towels near the doors. By taking these simple steps to stay warm, you can help avoid airflow that will freeze out the house. This is a budget-friendly option and can greatly work to cut down on drafty openings.

  • Keep the thermostat constant. Most of us turn down the temperature at night or when we’re gone. However, adjusting it too drastically can actually be extremely inefficient. By adjusting only a few degrees, you can keep the bill down and the temperature up.

  • Wear an extra layer. Sit with a blanket or put on some thick sweatpants when lounging around the house. Because sitting still can leave you chillier than normal as opposed to when doing chores, which can keep the heart pumping, it helps to wear extra clothes to stay warm.

  • Keep additional socks on hand. Even if you hate wearing excess clothes, socks and hats can help keep your body temperature up. Opt for quality materials that won’t make you sweat or leak out heat.

  • Use an energy efficient space heater. When hanging out in a single room, stay warm with a fireplace or an energy efficient electronic heater. These methods can greatly raise the temperature without sucking up electricity or roaring through an excessive amount of logs.

  • Practice all of the above. When it’s the absolute coldest or when a cedar roof repair is necessary, you’ll need to do anything and everything in order to avoid the chill. By layering each of these methods, you can opt for the most successful way to stay warm. No matter the temperature, wind chill or amount of precipitation.

By taking efficiency into account and looking at all of your options, including a cedar roof inspection, you can work to create a warm and cozy home all winter long.

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