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Choosing the Right Color for Your Cedar Roofing

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

While the natural look of cedar can be a beautiful addition to any home, you may want to make sure your new improvement matches your existing exterior décor. Natural weathering from sun and rain exposure can easily turn cedar shingles gray, so it is important that you take steps to prevent aging by using a stain or other color. Protection from the elements will help keep your new cedar roof installation beautiful for many years to come.

If you choose to use paint or a stain for your roof, remember your protective coating should be added before installation. The addition of cedar roofing coloration during the manufacturing process ensures all sides of each shingle are coated with your stain or paint, keeping your entire roof safe from the weather. Stained or painted cedar should be maintained regularly with frequent cleaning and stain reapplication.

Natural Finishes

If you want to preserve the native color of your cedar roofing, transparent natural wood finishes are designed to preserve your roof’s color. Transparent stains also prevent normal aging while keeping the original color of your cedar roof installation.

Opaque Coatings

Solid color stains and paints will cover your cedar roofing in your preferred shade while still giving you the wood grain look of natural cedar. Opaque coatings give you the most choices with a wide range of colors that perfectly compliment your home’s existing exterior design. Opaque paints and stains can be water, latex, or acrylic based, allowing you to find the perfect option.

Cedar Wood Oils

Wood oils are created using bleach, water repellent and essential oils. This option is used to accelerate the aging process for those who prefer a gray tone for their cedar roofing installation. When the oil is initially applied, the cedar will turn a light gray tone which gradually darkens over time. Although this gives cedar roofing a naturally aged look, the nutritional oils protect each shingle from rain and sun damage, keeping your roof safe under any weather condition.

Choosing a color for your new roof can be difficult. With natural and opaque options, you can be sure you will get the perfect look for your cedar roofing. Natural finishes, opaque coatings, and cedar wood oils are a great way to protect your investment from wear and tear while keeping it beautiful.

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