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How Do I Know If I Should Replace or Repair My Cedar Roof?

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A good cedar roof can last 50 years or more if you take care of it properly. However, there will come a time when you need cedar roof repair. The only problem is you may not be sure whether you really need to repair or replace your roof. If your house is old, your roof may need to be replaced. Your best option would be to choose a reliable roofing company in your area to keep your roof in top condition and help you make the decision to repair or replace it completely.

Repair and Maintenance

Repair and maintenance is the best way to prevent damage to a cedar roof. You can contact a qualified professional at Cedar Roof Coatings to set up an appointment for a cedar roof inspection.

The UV rays can create havoc on your wood. They also have a bad effect on untreated cedar roofs. Damaging weather like rain, snow and fog can also cause damage to your roof. If untreated, your roof can also develop mold and mildew. This is another way to cause your roof to age prematurely. There is no reason you should have these problems with your cedar roof. That's why it's important to have a professional maintain and repair it.

Replace Cedar Shakes

If left untreated, you will eventually need to replace some cedar shakes. Consulting with roofing professionals is the best way to determine whether you need to replace them. You can also determine on your own if you need new shingles if they are:

  • Missing

  • Shrinking or Swelling

  • Curling Up

  • Cracking, Splitting or Warping

  • Exhibiting Moss, Mildew, Fungus or Mold Growth

Any of these signs left untreated can cause further damage to your roof. This makes it important to contact the professionals at Cedar Roof Coatings to resolve the problem right away.

Contact Us

Once you identify one or more of these warning signs, contact a professional for a cedar roof inspection. A true roofing professional will properly inspect and service your roof every three years or more often if necessary. This is the most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your roof. Contact Cedar Roof Coatings in Connecticut to help restore your cedar roof and keep it looking its best.


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