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Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Cedar Roof

Updated: 6 days ago

Cedar roof maintenance is different from taking care of any other roofing materials. For instance, cedar roof cleaning is often a necessity to remove debris and keep your roof looking great. Understanding when it is time to hire someone to clean your roof can help you avoid the need for repairs in the future.

Misshapen or Broken Shingles

Over time, shingles can become warped and may break due to the negative effects of weather or other disasters. You may need to replace some of these shingles. It is also a good time to hire someone for cedar roof cleaning because the damage can often be caused by issues resolved in the cleaning process. Pressure washing your cedar roofing removes a thin layer on top of the shakes, giving your roof a fresh new look and allowing the shakes to dry fully to prevent further damage.

The Presence of Moss and Lichen

Just like the trees that grow naturally, cedar shakes are susceptible to moss and lichen growth, particularly when excess moisture builds up on the roofing materials. If it is allowed to grow, it can lead to more moisture, which causes the cedar shakes to rot prematurely. When this happens, you need to replace the shakes.

Black Streaks

It is perfectly normal for your cedar shakes to gray as they age. Cedar roof maintenance tasks won’t slow down or stop this process. However, if you notice any black streaks on your roofing materials, it is time for cedar roof cleaning. These black streaks can indicate a serious problem, especially if you ignore them. If you notice this problem, contact the professionals to schedule a cleaning right away.

Proper cedar roof maintenance ensures your roofing materials last for as long as possible. Regular cedar roof cleaning removes debris, as well as a thin layer of the shakes, giving your roof a fresh, new look and prolonging its life. Understanding the signs you should look for that indicate a need for cleaning will help you keep your roof in great shape. Cedar roofing is a beautiful option for any home. Taking proper care of it protects your investment.

If you need cedar roof cleaning for your home, contact us. Our specialists in Easton can provide pressure washing services to keep your cedar roof looking great.


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