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Importance of Sun Protection for Your Cedar Roof

Your cedar roof is extremely durable, standing up to the elements day and night. It is not, however, immune to its greatest enemy — extensive sunlight exposure. Over time, sun damage on cedar shingles can make your roof turn gray and strip the wood of its protective oils.

With the proper maintenance, you can protect your cedar roof from sun and moisture damage. By providing your roof with the support it needs against the elements through professional treatment, your roof can remain intact for as long as 50 years!

What Damage Does Sun Exposure Cause?

Almost like a sunburn, sun damage affects your roof on a cellular level. When the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays hit the roof, the lignin, or the "glue" that holds the wood's cells together and maintains its quality, absorbs them. If the lignin absorbs too much, the UV rays will slowly begin to seep pass its bindings, causing the wood to age, crack and split.

Lignin will naturally deteriorate, resulting in its aesthetically-pleasing patina over time. Harmful UV rays cause these oils to evaporate faster, stripping the wood and giving it a gray appearance.

The sun's damage to your roof shows itself in many ways — some are immediately obvious, while others show themselves over time.

  • Decreased curb appeal: A well-maintained cedar roof demands to be seen with its luxurious appearance, but if the rich color fades to gray and shingles begin to split, you'll start to attract the wrong attention.

  • Costly repairs: By investing in preventative treatments now, you'll avoid spending hundreds, if not thousands, on easily preventable damage repairs in the future.

  • Shortened lifespan: The average cedar roof has an impressive lifespan of 30 years, but that number dramatically drops to less than 15 without the proper maintenance.

To prolong the lignin's lifespan, and therefore your cedar roof's, preservation is crucial. Professionals have the tools, knowledge and experience to keep your roof dry and properly oiled, a delicate process that can have the opposite effect if done wrong.

How to Protect Your Cedar Roof From the Sun

Think of the last time you went to the beach. When preparing for the long hours relaxing on the sand and bathing in the sun's rays, applying layers of sunscreen is likely one of your top priorities. Your cedar roof, which spends every day exposed to the sun's rays, requires the same precautionary measures.

For the best care for your cedar roof, rely on the professionals. Skilled in every step, they will keep your roof looking good, working right and lasting longer.

Commercial preservatives, like the superior TWP® 200 Series, penetrate the cedar shakes and shingles to provide the highest level of protection. When applied properly, this preservative protects your roof from:

  • Blazing sun: You can't erase sun damage, but you can easily prevent it. Keep your cedar shingles from turning gray, one of the first signs of prolonged sun damage, and prevent any cupping, curling, splitting or decaying through professional treatment.

  • Harsh wind: Add to the wood's natural resistance to wind, saving you money by reducing energy costs.

  • Harmful moisture: Defend against the cracking and peeling resulting from the wood's holding of too much moisture.

Before applying the TWP® 200 Series, your roof needs thorough cleaning to remove any dirt, mold, mildew or debris that can harbor moisture and cause more damage. A professional can give your roof a gentle power washing, using the correct pressure and fan tip to gently wash your cedar shake or shingles, reviving its "new" appearance.

Our Cedar Roof Coating professionals use Cedar Wash, a 100% eco-friendly hydrogen peroxide-based formula, to safely prepare for the TWP® 200 Series's coating. If we find any compromised shakes or shingles during this process, we will replace up to 20 for no additional cost!

A few days after washing, our experienced and skilled technicians will return to hand-apply the TWP® 200 series using a high-volume, low-pressure spray unit. This careful process allows for an even, precise one-coat application to the entirety of your cedar roof's surface. This layer of defensive protection penetrates through the grains of the cedar wood, enhancing the durability to put up a great fight against the sun's harmful UV rays.

How Often Should You Treat Cedar Roofs?

If you recently installed your cedar roof, you have some time before scheduling routine maintenance. The fresh wood still has its strong natural protective oil, which is powerful enough to work alone against the elements. If you treat your roof too early, it may cause discoloration over time. This discoloration is much harder and more expensive to fix and won't provide as strong of protection in the long-run.

Give your roof time to weather so it will more willingly absorb the treatment when needed. At a minimum, you should wait for about a year, but 18 months is preferred. Take this time to develop a game plan to prevent cedar roof sun damage.

If you're already burned from the day's sun exposure, applying sunscreen won't be much help. By protecting your roof as soon as possible, you're actively preventing damages that may require expensive repairs or even total roofing replacement.

Other benefits of keeping your roof safe from the sun include:

  • Longer lifespan: Through continual maintenance, you can dramatically increase your cedar roof's 30-year lifespan to over 50 years, equal to three roof replacements without the proper care.

  • Increased resale value: People are naturally attracted to a well-maintained cedar roof for its durable and luxurious qualities. If planning to sell your home, keep your maintenance receipts as proof of your diligent care.

  • Stronger damage defense: Without the protective layer of TWP® 200 Series, your roof will exponentially weaken, becoming more and more susceptible to damage.

Even in the hottest of heat and the coldest days of winter, you will need cedar roof sun protection. Depending on the amount of sun exposure to your cedar roof, you may need more frequent applications. In the sizzling northeastern summer, we recommend routine treatments every five to six years, giving you year-round protection in even the most extreme heat!

Rely on Cedar Roof Coatings for Your Cedar Roof's Sun Protection

No matter how old your cedar roof, it's not too late to start the preventative measures against sun damage. Ignoring roof problems can take years off your Connecticut roof's life, causing you to spend larger amounts of money on more expensive repairs or, in extreme cases, total roof replacement.

At Cedar Roof Coatings, we are dedicated to helping you extend the lifespan of your cedar roof. Our experienced technicians work tirelessly on homes across Fairfield and Westchester counties, saving our customers money and preventing frustration.

We believe the TWP® 200 Series is best for preventing damage from the sun's harmful UV rays, making your roof look beautiful again and adding to your home's value. Schedule a no-risk, no-obligation appointment and start protecting your cedar roof today.

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31 janv. 2022

In some places hurricanes occur occasionally which in turns cause damage to the roof, So you should be prepared in advance to deal with that type of situation. This can help you saving cost from avoiding major costly roof repair.

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