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How to Keep Your Cedar Roof Moss-Free

Your roof is an essential part of your home. It protects you from the elements and can even offer attractive curb appeal with a unique cedar design. Because your cedar roof is always exposed, it's also liable to various growths — like moss.

Causes of Moss Growth

The unique environment of a roof creates a breeding ground for moss. Three main factors combine to set the foundations for moss to grow:

  • Debris: The dirtier your roof gets, the more likely it is that moss will start growing there. For moss to grow, there has to be organic material around. Spores carried in the wind can latch onto that organic debris on your roof and start growing, creating that fluffy green moss you see on your shingles.

  • Moisture: Moss will also need a wet, humid area to flourish. Roofs are often damp and ripe for organic growth.

  • Shade: The last element moss needs to grow is shade. Too much heat and sunshine can kill moss, so it will likely find cool, shaded areas on your roof to thrive.

Problems Caused by Moss on Cedar Roofs

Moss might seem like an insignificant growth — some people nowadays are trying to grow moss in their yards for aesthetic effect. Left untended, however, it can be detrimental to your roof. Roof damage, mold growth and repair costs are a few problems that moss can create on your cedar roof.

  • Roof damage: When it comes to cedar roof preservation, moss is one of the main antagonists of longevity. Moss can start to affect the drainage designs of your roof, leading to leaks. It can absorb moisture and soil and lead to prolonged wetness on your roof, which will slowly start to wear it down. Overall, moss can shorten the life span of your cedar roof.

  • Mold growth: Moss can collect moisture that can crack your roof and seep into your house. Where moisture is present, mold can grow and spread, exposing your home to toxic organic material.

  • Repair costs: Sustained moss growth on your roof will lead to various damages on your roof. This damage means you'll have to spend money on significant repairs to have shingles replaced. If you get out ahead of that moss growth, you can save money and defend your roof against those moss-related damages.

  • Dirty appearance: Aside from functional aspects, a roof covered in moss also simply looks unappealing. Someone who drives by will likely notice the moss on the roof and make quick judgments about the upkeep of your home. If you're looking to retain the value of your home and keep it in good condition, find strategies to reduce the chances of moss growing on your roof.

How to Prevent Moss From Growing on Your Cedar Roof

You can prevent moss growth on your cedar roof in several different ways. Many of these preventative measures are dangerous and take professional skills, so you should always contact Cedar Roof Coatings to help with all of your roofing needs.

We can show you how to prevent moss on a roof and then execute ways to prevent moss growth. Inspections, cleanings and routine maintenance are all ways to prevent moss on your cedar roof.


One of the best preventive measures you can take for moss growth is to have Cedar Roof Coatings regularly inspect your roof. Our team can look at every inch of your roof to ensure there aren't any growths or potential areas for moss to thrive. These inspections can help you alleviate any future damages and allow you to save on roofing repairs.


Routine cedar roof cleanings are another way to disrupt any areas for moss growth. Have Cedar Roof Coatings thoroughly wash your roof, clearing the area of any debris and organic materials. The only way moss spores can collect on your roof is by binding to those organic materials, so those routine cleanings are an effective way to prevent moss growth.

Routine Maintenance and Preservation

Regular maintenance is another simple way to prevent moss. If you have any damaged shingles, debris and moisture can get into crevices in the roof and create a breeding area for moss. Routine maintenance will ensure you find those damaged spots before they grow into a larger problem.

The experts at Cedar Roof Coatings can help you find those areas and repair them. Extend the life of your roof and defend against moss with our professional team at Cedar Roof Coatings.

How to Remove Moss From Your Cedar Roof

If you already have moss on your cedar roof, Cedar Roof Coatings can take care of it. We offer cedar shake roof moss removal services that can turn your home into the clean and sparkling version it was before.

With three effective steps, Cedar Roof Coatings can remove moss from your roof and add a protective coating to defend against future growths.


First, professionals at Cedar Roof Coatings will wash your cedar roof with our eco-friendly Cedar Wash — a safe and effective product for your roof. We'll wash away any moss and other debris that has accumulated on your roof, including mold, mildew and algae. Our expert team has years of experience cleaning roofs, so you can be confident you're getting a thorough and reliable wash.


After we're done washing, the team at Cedar Roof Coatings will walk your roof and examine it for any shingles that need to be replaced. We will also walk around the house to inspect column bases and the foundation. We can make recommendations to help you keep your home in the best condition possible.


A few days later, Cedar Roof Coatings will return to preserve your roof with TWP 200 — a coating that repels water and stops the growth of mold and mildew. In turn, the risk of moss growing on your cedar roof will lessen dramatically.

Our preservation product also highlights the grain patterns on your roof and aids in color retention, creating a beautiful, appealing sight that everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy.

Contact Cedar Roof Coatings

Remove moss from your cedar roof and take effective preventative roofing measures with Cedar Roof Coatings. We are the trusted roofing service you need to provide inspections, cleanings, maintenance and protective coatings. We're family-owned and -operated and are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship and materials to all of our customers.

We put great value in our relationships with customers, and all of our employees are committed to leaving work sites clean and our clients satisfied. With some help from Cedar Roof Coatings, you can be confident in the structural integrity of your home and proud of the way it looks. Contact us today!

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