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When Is the Best Time to Get a Cedar Roof Inspection?

When Is the Best Time to Get a Cedar Roof Inspection?

The condition of your residential roof is something everyone notices, whether they're walking by or visiting your home. However, there's more to making sure your roof is in top condition than just curb appeal. Ignoring the need for a cedar roof inspection can lead to indoor leaks and structural flaws, so it's vital you work with knowledgeable experts like the team at Cedar Roof Coatings to get the problem under control.

We help customers in the Fairfield County area with roof inspection services year-round. Here's a look at the best times for a cedar roof inspection and some common signs that indicate you should seek assistance with your roof.

The Importance of Cedar Roof Inspections

Your home's roof keeps you safe from UV rays and inclement weather — and unless you have water trickling from indoor surfaces, it's easy to believe your cedar roof is doing its job. Regular roof inspections allow you to identify issues early. Preventive maintenance is great for planning smaller repairs before they develop into something more serious.

A professional cedar roof inspection is the only way to uncover roof problems that can go unseen. Cedar Roof Coatings recommends having one of our technicians visit your property in Connecticut or New York at least once each year. Ideally, you'll have us visit for an appointment semi-annually since your home sees all four seasons. Our team is trained to look for damages you're unable to see from the ground.

We walk on the surface of your roof to get an up-close look at the condition of materials. We'll take photographs of anything out of the ordinary to monitor changes. Generally, our crews are looking for splitting shingles and lifting materials during the visit.

Reasons to Have Your Cedar Roof Inspected in Spring

The best time to get a cedar roof inspection is at the beginning of spring. It is recommended you have a Cedar Roof Coatings professional assess your roof during this time of year because you may still be dealing with the aftermath of winter. This gives us a chance to see how freezing temperatures, moisture and ice have affected shingles and supports.

Cedar roof inspections after winter are an excellent way to make sure you are prepared for rainstorms during the warmer months. There are a variety of factors that can alter the structural integrity of a cedar roof once winter weather clears:

  • Wind damages: The winter season can be brutal near the Fairfield County area. Find out if winds were strong enough to cause cedar shakes to shift. Repairing broken shakes helps you to stop water from entering living spaces.

  • Tree branches: Snow accumulates on your roof and on surrounding trees. If a branch snaps, it could result in scratches or the penetration of roof materials. Allow water to run off your roof freely rather than having thick branches create pools.

Reasons to Have Your Cedar Roof Inspected During Fall

Reasons to Have Your Cedar Roof Inspected During Fall

Fall brings drastic changes outdoors. Scheduling a visit from Cedar Roof Coatings is proactive to see where shingles stand after being exposed to intense heat and ultraviolet light for months. A cedar roof inspection after summer enables our experts to repair your roof so that it remains energy efficient. Openings found during the fall can be properly sealed to prevent heat from escaping once the temperatures drop.

Homeowners forget that critters look for places to stay when conditions are cold. In a short amount of time, gaps between cedar shingles become the perfect spot for small mammals like squirrels and raccoons to enter your attic. Save yourself from an extensive cleanup by prioritizing cedar roof inspections before the leaves change.

If necessary, Cedar Roof Coatings will assist with maintenance tasks. Whether you need us to change out cedar shakes that go missing or preserve your current materials, fall brings comfortable temperatures for adhesives and materials to attach correctly. We will also let you know whether or not your gutters are clear so that water runs in a favorable direction toward the ground.

Reasons to Have Your Cedar Roof Inspected in the Summer

Frequent rain in the summer can create dark streaks on your cedar roof. Most of the time, these stains are traces of mold and algae. Leaving mold on your roof can affect the strength of exterior coatings, so coordinating cedar roof inspections after spring will help you respond to the effects of moisture.

Mold on the roof not only interferes with cosmetics, but the problem grows severe if water reaches your home's insulation. Protect your family from the dangers of mold by finding the time for a routine inspection. Cedar Roof Coatings is here for you. We'll inspect your roof at the start, middle or end of summer to prepare for fall. We go to great lengths to prolong the life of your roof by paying close attention to peaks and valleys, shingles and flashing materials.

From pools of water on the roof to moss, we take the right course of action to ensure you are satisfied with your roof system solution.

Other Times to Schedule a Roof Inspection

How often you need to get a roof inspection will depend on the age of your installation, weather patterns of the year and if anything out of the ordinary happens to your roof.

Anytime you suspect cedar roof damages, reach out to your local professionals at Cedar Roof Coatings. Some of the most common signs you need to have your roof looked at include:

  1. Wind noise is louder than usual inside.

  2. You can see light entering through the attic.

  3. Multiple leaks form throughout the house.

  4. You see or hear a large branch land on the roof.

  5. An intense rain or snowstorm passes through town.

Schedule a Roof Inspection With Cedar Roof Coatings

Schedule a Roof Inspection With Cedar Roof Coatings

Cedar Roof Coatings will detect any problems you have with your roof. It's our mission to identify the stage of life your cedar roof is in so that you can make the right decision for a repair. We proudly serve property owners living throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Our technicians are transparent with inspection results for our customers in Connecticut and New York. We take pride in the relationships we build within the local community, as we want to be your premier source for cedar roof repairs.

Rely on our family-owned business for a variety of roof services. You can schedule a roof inspection appointment by dialing 203.847.5740 or completing a contact form.

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