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Are Cedar Roofs Worth the Cost?

If you're considering what materials to use for roofing, you may be wondering if cedar roofs are worth the cost. Beautiful and timeless, cedar is a striking material that will enhance your home's aesthetic. Like many homeowners, you can see that cedar has a strong appeal, but cedar roofing prices may still be an obstacle in making your decision.

The upfront cost of cedar roofing is higher than that of some other types of roofing, such as asphalt. Over time, however, making a cedar roof investment will give you long-lasting financial gains. The value that a cedar roof brings to your home will provide you with long-term savings that other roofing materials can't match.

Your Options for Cedar Roofing

When choosing the right cedar roofing for your home, you have two main options: shakes and shingles. In the end, what you choose will depend mainly on the cost and your aesthetic preferences for your home's roofing.

The main difference between the two types of cedar roofing is that shakes have a rougher, thicker cut, giving them a more rustic aesthetic, while shingles are thin and smoothed out for a more polished appearance. In general, the cost of a cedar shake roof is more expensive than that of a cedar shingle roof due to the difference in materials used.

Why Getting a Cedar Roof Is an Investment

When you choose cedar roofing, you invest in your home for years to come. Because of the long-term financial benefits, the return you'll gain from the investment significantly outweighs the cost of cedar roofing.

Home Value

Because of its higher cost and value, quality cedar materials will boost your home's overall worth. If your home has historical significance or is located in a historic community, choosing cedar roofing also allows you to be more accurate to your area's heritage. Cedar materials give your home an authentic touch that will honor its historical roots and enhance your local community.

Energy Savings

Investing in cedar roofing will help you save money as you use renewable energy. With sustainable cedar materials, you're protecting the environment and decreasing waste. In addition, your cedar roofing will provide superior insulation for your home, resulting in lower heating and other energy bill costs.

Curb Appeal

With quality cedar roofing, you can boost your property's curb appeal and make your house stand apart in your neighborhood with its classic aesthetic. The perfect combination of elegant and rustic, cedar roofing gives your home a timeless beauty and charm.

Damage Resistance

With good maintenance practices, you can preserve your cedar roof for years to come. It is naturally resistant to damage from many elements, including strong winds and rain, and can be even stronger with proper care.

To ensure long-lasting value from the beginning, it's essential that our experts at Cedar Roof Coatings professionally care for your roof. We offer a variety of services for ongoing roof maintenance, including applying a quality exterior coating to protect and strengthen your roof.

Invest in Your Home With Cedar Roofing

Choosing a cedar roof for your home is an investment that will yield excellent returns for years to come. Cut energy costs and invest in your home with a renewable material that will add beauty and value to your property.

If you're interested in getting more information on cedar roof installation and care, Cedar Roof Coatings has the expertise to meet your needs. For cedar roof maintenance, repair and protective coatings services, contact us today and let us know how we can assist you.

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