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How to Properly Maintain Your Cedar Roof During Springtime

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Spring is nearly here in Connecticut, and here at Cedar Roof Coatings, we couldn’t be more excited. We no longer have to worry about shoveling, bundling up for the cold weather or paying an arm and a leg to keep the heating company happy.

If your home has a cedar shingled roof, you probably know by now that it’s a good idea to regularly check in on it to make sure it’s not in need of any repairs. After a long, cold winter, you’ll want to make sure your roof is prepared for the wind and rain that comes with spring.

Here are a few cedar roof maintenance tips for spring we’d like to share with you:

Check for Any Winter-Related Damages

One of the first things you’ll want to do as the weather warms up is to check your roof for any damage caused by winter weather. This can include chipped or missing shingles from strong winds, holes in your roof caused by ice dams and bowed framing from the heavy weight of snow bearing down on your roof’s structure.

You can conduct a quick visual scan of your roof from the ground to check your fascia and eaves. Depending on the height of your home, you can also securely place a ladder to check the surface of your roof, but only do so if you are physically capable, your home is not multilevel, and you have someone on the ground to spot you. Never climb on the surface of your roof – call a professional to take care of this for you.

Check for Moss Growth

As an organic material, cedar is prime territory for plant growth. If you notice any moss growing on your roof, you’ll want to call a professional to have it removed. Homes with trees overhanging the roof are especially prone to moss growth, so you may want to call a tree trimmer to maintain the height and length of the flora surrounding your home.

Remove Debris

Following a strong storm, tree branches may appear on the surface of your roof. While it’s generally a good idea to keep your roof free of debris, you’ll want to be watchful of any especially heavy-looking tree offal, as it may stress the structural integrity of your cedar roof and cause warping.

Trust the Professionals – Call Us for Your Cedar Roof Maintenance Needs

Cedar Roof Coatings is a Stamford, CT-based cedar roof contractor that serves Fairfield County, CT, Westchester County, NY and the Hamptons. If your cedar roof is in need of maintenance or repair this spring, don’t hesitate to contact us – our team will put their expertise and many years of experience to work keeping your cedar roof in optimal condition.

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