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Keep Your Home Safe By Cleaning and Maintaining Your Dirty Gutters

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We’ve all been a victim of overflowing gutters. If the gutters are so full the rain drips over the sides and onto everyone who enters or leaves your home, it’s probably time for gutter maintenance and cedar roof cleaning.

Though it may be a pain to clean out the gutters, it’s a task that eliminates gutter blockage and leaks that might develop from water being pooled on your cedar roof. When gutters are cleared and cedar roof cleaning is done on a regular basis, this may eliminate costly cedar roof repair later.

When ignored for a long period of time, however, leaves, sticks and more will all build up, causing blockage and decreasing water flow. When tended to every few months, there’s far less to clean out, making gutters flow more efficiently.

Preventive Measures

Another way to keep your gutters clear is with the help of gutter covers. By placing netting or metal covers over the gutters, you can still allow rain to flow through, without catching leaves and other debris inside the gutters. Though these still have to be cleared, it’s much easier to remove debris atop the gutter covers than from inside its pockets.

It’s also a good idea to have a plastic, gravel, cement or some other material landing to help shield plants and dirt from water as it gushes out of the gutters. When there’s no buffer, severe erosion and muddy puddles can occur, creating messy or dangerous grounds for your family and guests.

Gutter Cleaning Regimens

To make the most out of your gutters and to prevent any ongoing dangers or the need for cedar roof repairs, remember to look above. With regular maintenance and cleaning routines, you can work toward keeping your gutters safe and working properly all year around, through all types of rain, snow and high winds.

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