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Why It’s Important to Inspect Your Roof after the Long Winter

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

This year, it felt like winter was never going to end, but spring weather is finally on the way! The grass is getting greener, trees are budding and everyone is eager to get outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures. However, there are important tasks that need to be done. Completing a cedar roof inspection after a long winter is essential to take care of any problems before they become more serious.

Snow and Ice Add Weight

Did you know that two feet of snow piled on your roof can weigh up to 19 tons? This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your cedar shingles, which can lead to broken shingles and other issues. If you don’t regularly scrape the snow off your roof, ice can also develop underneath where the heat from your home routinely melts the snow, which then freezes as the temperatures drop. Ice can also add a tremendous weight to your roof.

What Damage Can Occur?

In addition to broken shingles that require cedar roof repair due to the weight of the snow and ice, other problems can arise. When you hire someone for a cedar roof inspection, they may encounter a variety of issues, including:

  • Curled Shingles

  • Loose Flashing

  • Broken Seals

If the damage is severe, it can result in more serious issues within your home. Melting snow can leak into your attic and cause structural damage that is costly to repair. Mold can develop, creating a musty smell and health concerns. Insulation may need to be replaced.

Get Professional Assistance

Homeowners can identify some cedar roof repairs by keeping an eye out for visible signs of damage. However, hiring the professionals from a cedar roof inspection company will catch any issues that can’t be seen from the ground or may be in the early stages. Checking your roof for damage can be dangerous for someone who doesn’t have experience.

Winter weather can quickly cause damage to any roof, creating the need for quality cedar roof repair. When that winter is long and harsh with extreme cold temperatures and heavy snowfall, a cedar roof inspection in spring becomes even more important. Hiring professionals to check on your roof can minimize the damage and ensure problems are resolved more quickly.

If you are looking for a company to perform your cedar roof inspection this spring, contact us. We are ready to help you evaluate the integrity of your roof and recommend any necessary repairs.


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