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The Physical and Chemical Causes of Roof Rot

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

When you choose cedar roofing for your home, you have made a natural choice that can benefit the environment and make your home look great. Because cedar shingles are a natural material, they are more likely to experience roof rot, requiring cedar roof repair. As long as you understand the causes of this issue, you can perform the proper cedar roof maintenance and increase its longevity.


Weathering is a natural process your cedar roofing will go through. When it is first installed, the shingles will have a dark reddish coloring. Within the first year, the UV rays of the sun will fade that color to a silvery gray. The gray color will deepen as the years pass. In addition to the color changes, the cedar shakes will erode with exposure to the elements carried in the air, as well as precipitation. With freezing and thawing processes each year, cracks may also appear. With severe weathering, cedar roof repair may be required.

Moisture Buildup

Cedar roofing relies on fast drying to maintain its integrity. However, leaves and other debris can build up in ridges and between shingles, slowing the drying process and reducing the roof’s ability to shed moisture quickly. When cedar shingles can’t dry efficiently, lichen, mold and fungi can grow. If these organisms are allowed to remain on your cedar roofing, it can speed up the process of roof rot. Cedar roof maintenance will clean the shingles and remove debris. This will increase the lifespan of your roof.

The Use of Chemicals for Prevention

If you are concerned with the development of mold, which contributes to roof rot, the application of certain chemicals can slow down the process. Preservative treatments can be applied to reduce the risk of repair in the future. These treatments should be applied by professionals, ensuring you make the right choices to protect your roof from damage.

Untreated roof rot can be a serious issue if you choose cedar roofing for your home. Understanding the natural changes cedar shakes undergo can help you identify normal problems, as well as those that may require immediate cedar roof repair. The professionals can help you perform the proper cedar roof maintenance, prolonging its life and slowing down the processes that cause roof rot.

If you need help with your cedar roof maintenance, contact us. Our experts can add to the longevity of your cedar roof.

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