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How to Restore an Old Cedar Shake Roof

Cedar shake roofs are classic and durable, providing a unique aesthetic paired with longevity. However, even with their toughness, cedar shake roofs will eventually wear down over time. When you notice some natural wearing, you'll start to wonder how to preserve an old cedar shake roof.

Cedar Roof Coatings has the expert team you need to restore your roof so it looks brand new. In this article, we'll take a look at the process of restoring your roof so you can get a better idea of the path ahead.

Benefits of Cedar Roof Maintenance and Preservation

Even if you witness your roof starting to wear down, you might not think it's that necessary to get it cleaned and replace broken shingles. However, there are plenty of advantages to restoring your roof:

  • Extended longevity: Cedar Roof Coatings repair and cleaning services will help extend your roof's lifespan. If you neglect to care for your roof, the time for cleanings and repairs might come and go, and you'll be forced to start looking for a roof replacement instead. Cleanings and repairs offer an easier way to make minor improvements and get ahead of costlier replacements.

  • Retained curb appeal: Your roof is a central part of your home — even more importantly, it's a central exterior part of your home, meaning anyone who passes by will be able to see it. It's important to keep up with roof maintenance so you can be proud of how your house looks. Cedar Roof Coatings will make your roof look brand new, impressing your neighbors and friends.

  • Sustained home value: If you're looking to sell your house in the future, keeping up with cedar roof maintenance is one of the best ways to retain your home's value. If a potential buyer visits and sees a roof that's curling, splitting or covered in moss, they'll be primed for a negative experience. Whether it's true or not, your roof can reflect what's inside, and a roof that's in poor shape could send a bad message.

Assess Your Needs

Typically, you can tell if your roof needs restoring — a glance up might alert you to any peeling or damaged shingles. A quick visual check is a safe and easy way to know if you need restoration services. Avoid going onto your roof — this action is very dangerous and should only be done by Cedar Roof Coatings professionals. If you identify any curling or damage or would like some insight into the condition of your roof, feel free to contact us and we'll send out an inspection team.

Our certified roof inspectors will walk the full course of your roof and examine any shingles in need of restoration, taking pictures of specified areas and documenting them on a roof plan. Our inspectors are committed to detail — they'll find and record the big and tiny deficiencies alike. It's often those little imperfections that create the biggest problems, so it's important to have our professional eyes take a look before any significant problems happen. Cleaning and maintenance are much easier than getting a complete roof replacement.

Cleaning Cedar Shake Roofs

Cedar Roof Coatings will clean your cedar shake roofs to make them look just like new. After the initial inspection, we'll wash your roof thoroughly and then do another inspection to see if we need to perform any touch-ups.

Cleaning is an essential part of the roof restoration process. Our expert team will eliminate any potential harmful moss or lichen growing on your roof. We'll be able to rid your roof of damage-causing debris, making this service a great preventive measure that will extend the life of your roof.

Restoring an old cedar shake roof is a careful, challenging process. Cedar Roof Coatings is the professional hand you need to get your roof looking new again.

Replace Worn and Damaged Shingles

Once the cleaning process is complete, Cedar Roof Coatings will look for any repairs.

When it comes to old cedar shake roof restoration, Cedar Roof Coatings can make several types of repairs. These cedar roof repairs often fall into one of four categories:

  1. Moss: Moss is harmful to roofs. Aesthetically, it can make your roof look old and decayed. Functionally, the moisture from the moss seeps into your shingles and destroys them from the inside out. This damage will threaten the durability of your entire roof. Moss is a very common problem on roofs, especially if you live in a warm, humid climate. Cedar Roof Coatings will clean your roof so you can stop damage before it occurs. We'll also apply a protective coating to prevent moss from growing on your shingles.

  2. Cracks: Splits and cracks in a roof are other common problems, often caused by several different factors, including harsh weather, tree branches and mechanical damage. Cracks make a roof weak and more prone to damage — sunlight and moisture can penetrate these cracks and accelerate the weathering process. Cedar Roof Coatings will replace your damaged shingles or patch them while ensuring other areas of your roof aren't affected.

  3. Leaks: Sometimes you know your roof is damaged without even looking at it. During a rainstorm, leaks in your roof will become evident. However, when it's not raining, these leaks may be hard to pinpoint. Cedar Roof Coatings has the professional experience needed to figure it out. We'll inspect your entire roof and make the necessary repairs so you won't have to worry about any more leaking.

  4. Curls: Natural weathering causes shingles to curl — sun and moisture combine to distort the roof. While it's common, weather severity will likely determine how quickly the curling process starts. Cedar Roof Coatings can repair shingles with slight curls, but for those that are more intensely distorted, a replacement shingle is usually the best way to go. We'll take exact measurements of where the shingle goes and leave some extra room so it can safely expand on warm days.

Treat the Wood

After cleaning and making repairs, it's time for Cedar Roof Coatings to treat the wood. We add a protective coating called TWP 200 that will effectively protect the life and color of your roof. This protective coating guard against intense weather and harsh UV rays, making it an essential preventive measure that greatly benefits your roof.

Restore Your Cedar Roof With Cedar Roof Coatings

You don't have to worry about how to maintain an old cedar shake roof any longer — Cedar Roof Coatings is the professional service you need to clean, repair and restore your roof. With decades of experience and a commitment to quality work, we're the easy choice for roof restoration. Contact us today!

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