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Can Chimneys Damage Roofs?

Many homes have chimneys that are used in conjunction with the fireplace to expel smoke and gases from the structure. Other homeowners keep chimneys, even when they no longer have or use fireplaces, for the aesthetic value they provide.

While having a chimney is great for functional and aesthetic purposes, a damaged chimney can significantly impact the condition of your roof.

Ways Chimneys Can Damage Cedar Roofs

Chimney damage can readily spread to other parts of your roof, and some materials are more vulnerable to this type of damage than others. Here are a few ways chimneys can damage cedar roofs:

Falling Debris

Chimney masonry can deteriorate over time or be impacted by harsh weather conditions. When the chimney stacks start to degrade, it can result in falling debris containing broken pieces of bricks or stone. When these materials fall onto your roof, they can break or chip away the roofing material. In a worst-case scenario, the whole chimney can collapse onto the roof and cause extensive damage to the structure.

Water Damage

The chimney's bricks and flashing can weaken from prolonged exposure to weather. Flashing is found in the area where the chimney meets the roof and is designed to keep water and moisture out. When these components fail to prevent water intrusion, the roof can develop weak spots and suffer extensive, ongoing damage due to rot.


Chimney condensation occurs when the exterior walls that are cold due to exposure to outside air come in contact with the warm air from the fireplace, resulting in dripping water. Condensation is usually not an issue when the fire is hot enough to cause this water to evaporate.

However, in cases where the heat from the fire is insufficient, the water gets absorbed by the bricks and the changing temperatures start a cycle of freezing and thawing. When subjected to this cycle, bricks can start to break off and water can seep through to the outside of the chimney, causing damage to the roof.

Get the Expert Repair and Maintenance Your Cedar Roof Needs

Cedar Roof Coatings specializes in cedar roofing repair and maintenance, so you can be confident that we have the knowledge and expertise to take care of your roof. When your roof sustains damage caused by a faulty chimney, our roofing experts will find the source of the issue and offer the best solution.

Contact us online to schedule our services.

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