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Sometimes Cedar Roofs Need to Be Repaired: Here Are the 5 Most Common Reasons

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

While cedar shingle roofing can last much longer than man-made roofing materials, especially when you perform proper cedar roof maintenance, it’s possible you may need to hire someone to repair the roof at some point. There are five common reasons why you may need cedar roof repair in Weston to restore the function of your cedar roofing.

1. Vent Pipes

Vent pipes are essential to prevent issues with your cedar shingle roofing, such as condensation and ice dams in the winter. However, if these pipes aren’t properly sealed upon installation, it can cause leaks in your roof. Your Weston roofing contractor will make sure this area is sealed to prevent damaging leaks.

2. Skylights

Another common culprit of roof leaks is skylights. These elements can help increase the amount of natural light in your home, but they can cause serious issues with your cedar roofing if they aren’t installed properly. During cedar roof maintenance, it’s important to check the seals to ensure they are still watertight.

3. Chimney Flashing

If you have a fireplace or even a furnace chimney, the flashing helps keep water out of the joints between the chimney and your cedar shakes. When this flashing isn’t properly positioned or sealed, it can create serious leaking issues. Make sure the chimney flashing is secure to reduce your need for cedar roof repair.

4. Roof Valleys

The presence of roof valleys depends on the shape and size of your home. If you have areas of your roof that form valleys, it’s important to keep them as clear as possible. This means removing dirt, leaves and other debris to allow the cedar shingles to dry properly. Without this cedar roof maintenance, the wood may begin to rot or mold may develop.

5. Weather Damage

Various types of weather can cause damage to your roof, requiring experienced cedar roof repair. Hail, wind and other severe storms can tear shingles loose or cause damage that can only be repaired by replacing shingles. The presence of ice dams in the winter can also cause damage due to the heavy weight and stress the ice causes.

While proper cedar roof maintenance can prevent the need for cedar roof repair, some repairs are inevitable. This is why it’s so important to get an inspection of your cedar shingle roofing every year. Your roofing specialists can identify problems early and complete any necessary repairs.

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