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The Most Common, Yet Easily Solved Cedar Roof Maintenance Issues

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Although a cedar roof is a beautiful addition to your house, many home owners don't know what to expect from their new investment. The common issues you may experience, such as natural wear and tear, debris and weather damage, can be easily prevented with regular cedar roof maintenance.

Wear and Tear

Cedar roof repair can be expensive, so in order to avoid extra costs you should be proactive in maintaining your investment. While normal wear and tear is expected with any addition to your home, keeping your roof away from large trees and other damaging elements could save you from needing a complete reinstallation. If there is anything rubbing against or hitting your roof, your shingles could experience premature damage. To keep your roof free of problems, use caution when walking on your shingles or hanging things such as lights and decorations. The less your roof is touched, the fewer cedar roof repair issues you will face in the future.


Debris and dirt can have a negative impact on the well-being of your roof and can cause costly cedar roof repair. Homeowners may experience any of the following accumulations on their roof:

  • Moss

  • Needles or leaves

  • Animals

  • Insects

For most of these problems, normal washing and clearing should prevent any further damage; however, moss, animals and insects could require some additional steps. Dangerous insect nests such as wasps or bees may need to be handled by a professional, so make sure you are regularly checking for insects and other animals. For moss, attaching copper or zinc strips to your roof should stop moss from growing and trapping moisture in the panels. Extra moisture can damage your shingles, leading to expensive cedar roof repair and additional cedar roof maintenance needs.


Exposure to the sun and other weather conditions can prematurely age your roof, causing it to turn gray. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to prevent sun and water damage from causing cedar roof repairs; however, there are ways to keep your roof protected from these elements as long as possible. Using a cedar roof coating such as a stain, paint, or oil will keep your shingles from being exposed to damaging heat and water.

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If you need help maintaining or repairing your cedar shingles, contact us. We have years of experience helping homeowners maintain the beauty of their roofs.

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