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What Are Synthetic Wood Shakes and Shingles?

There are endless roof materials on the market, so it helps to know what you are getting during a repair project.

Many homes in the U.S. feature synthetic wood shakes and shingles because of their appearance, versatility and strength. Here's what you need to know about synthetic wood options for roofs and how they compare to the real thing.

What Is Synthetic Wood?

Synthetic wood or composite wood is manufactured using recycled materials and engineered polymers. The materials are designed to resemble real wood for a rustic presentation. Synthetic wood takes on different levels of shine, depending on the manufacturer. It's possible to find these synthetic shake and shingle materials in multiple sizes, textures and colors.

Differences Between Synthetic and Natural Wood Materials for Roofs

Natural wood shakes and shingles can last upwards of 50 years with regular maintenance. This life span is even longer with synthetic wood options. Synthetic wood roofs are excellent at withstanding moisture, which keeps the materials looking neat between rainstorms.

Generally, natural wood roofs wear faster than composite shakes and shingles. Both are considered luxury roof materials, but you get a larger quantity of materials for your money with synthetic wood. Composite solutions sit at a lower price point compared to real wood, making them a sound choice for aesthetics. You can view synthetic wood shakes and shingles as look-alike materials that give you added performance benefits.

While synthetic wood is a dependable choice for your roof, it is less environmentally friendly than its authentic counterparts due to the way it is produced. Additionally, synthetic wood options can get close to the physical characteristics of actual wood but can only mimic the true beauty of real materials.

Contact Cedar Roof Coatings for Natural Wood Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Regardless of the roofing materials you choose, Cedar Roof Coatings is your source for premier service. As a family-owned and operated company, we have the local experience necessary to serve Fairfield and Westchester counties as well as the Hamptons. It's our mission to extend the life of your current roof after completing a thorough inspection and coming up with a tailored plan for restoration. Our team will do everything we can to enhance your home's curb appeal for the right price.

Contact our experts to learn more about the materials we work with or to get started with your project in New York or Connecticut today!

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