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How to Make Your Cedar Roof Last Longer

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

A cedar roof is a great addition to a beautiful home. But how long does a cedar roof last? If you have such a roof or are thinking about getting one, you may wonder what’s involved in preserving a cedar roof. Here are some tips on maintaining your cedar roof so it stays in great shape for as long as possible.

Protecting Your Cedar Roof

If you know people who have cedar shake roofs, you may have heard that need to be repaired or replaced all the time. This does not have to be the case. If you understand how to properly maintain your cedar roof, you can enjoy a great-looking, long-lasting cedar roof for years and years.

What’s important to realize is that there are two major threats to your cedar roof’s health:

  • Moisture from rain or other precipitation

  • Infestation, e.g. mildew, mold, fungi, lichen

People think cedar is highly susceptible to decay, but the truth is cedar is an extremely sturdy wood. However, the way today’s cedar roofs are built, without proper spacing between the shakes, does not allow for proper air flow, which means moisture and mold can get into the roof and fester, if allowed to do so. Cedar that you protect from moisture can last 60 years or more.

Once the moisture comes, infestation is often not far behind, especially if other debris and vegetation is allowed to sit on the roof. The solution is to have your cedar shakes professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This is much less expensive and time-consuming than having to replace your entire roof, which is what will happen if you leave that roof unattended for long enough that the mold or algae strangles and suffocates all your shakes.

Investing in Professional Cedar Roof Maintenance

It’s important to call someone with a great deal of cedar roof experience for your cedar roof maintenance and cleaning. Trying it yourself or working with someone inexperienced could result in further damage to your roof. You need a cedar roof maintenance professional with the right tools to fully wash off your cedar roof shakes without damaging them. Someone who knows how to walk on or around your roof without hurting it. Someone who knows what to look for and what to repair so you don’t end up with big problems down the road.

In Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York, that someone is Cedar Roof Coatings. Our time-tested pressure washing procedure will quickly eliminate all the unwanted debris and vegetation without damaging your cedar shakes. We can then treat the roof to protect it from moisture as well as repairing or replacing any shingles that may have come loose or become damaged.

Contact Cedar Roof Coatings to Help Your Roof Last Longer

When you contact Cedar Roof Coatings for your cedar roof maintenance, you’ll get a completely free estimate on cedar roof service. You can enjoy a full and thorough roof inspection to pinpoint all the possible trouble areas of your roof so you can make decisions on how you want to protect it. Then, of course, you can benefit from the pressure washing and treatment that can leave your cedar roof appearing brand-new and protected against future weather conditions.

A little effort now can give you peace of mind for a long time after when it comes to the integrity and look of your roof. A great-looking cedar roof can improve your home’s curb appeal and even enhance the value of your home. To get started, just contact Cedar Roof Coatings today for a free estimate on cedar roof inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

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