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Why Ventilation is Important for Cedar Roofs

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Cedar roofs are often a welcome and beautiful addition to your home. You may be wondering, “do I need to ventilate my cedar roof?” and if so, what steps do you need to take toward making sure your roof is ventilated? Ventilating a cedar roof serves a variety of purposes for your home, and the importance of roof ventilation should not be underestimated. Here are some of the reasons why cedar roof ventilation is so important.

1. It Prevents Excess Heat in the Attic

The most obvious reason for cedar roof ventilation is to reduce heat in your home, especially in your attic. Heat enters your home through your roof and without proper ventilation, it has no place to go. The correct ventilation system allows hot air to escape and cooler air to replace it, keeping your attic manageable during the summer.

2. It Prevents Mold Growth

Mold tends to thrive in non-ventilated areas, especially under roofs where condensation can also build up. By ventilating your roof, you create conditions less favorable for mold to thrive.

3. It Prevents Ice Damning

Ice damning occurs when moisture and water builds up and then freezes at the bottom of your roof when it gets cold, damaging the roof.

Does My Cedar Roof Have to Be Ventilated Year-Round?

As should be apparent, it’s important to make sure your cedar roof is ventilated all year. It’s most obvious during the summer, when heat can build up, but failing to make sure your cedar roof is properly ventilated throughout the year is what can lead to ice damning. This is why all areas with louvers, roof vents, ridge vents and soffit vents should be clear at all times and never be blocked off.

Cedar roofs are meant to breathe. Proper ventilation can extend the life of your cedar roof, as well as reduce heating and cooling costs.

How to Ensure Your Cedar Roof Is Ventilated

The first thing you should do to ensure your cedar roof is properly ventilated is make sure your cedar roof stays clean. The more debris you allow to build up on your roof, the less it will be able to breathe. The next thing you should do is get your cedar roof properly inspected by cedar roof professionals. If your home is located in the Fairfield, Connecticut, or Westchester, N.Y., areas, the company to contact is Cedar Roof Coating. Cedar Roof Coating are experts that can care for and clean your cedar roof without damaging it.

A beautifully maintained roof can increase the value of your home and enhance curb appeal. On the other hand, failing to keep up proper maintenance on your roof may result in having to replace your entire roof prematurely, which can be a very costly process. Cedar Roof Coatings offer a complete range of cedar roof services, including:

If you think your cedar roof may need cleaning, ventilation or repair, you can find out with no risk. Contact Cedar Roof Coatings today to schedule an appointment for a roof checkup. We’ll give your roof a thorough inspection and provide a free and accurate estimate on making your cedar roof look the best it can be. Don’t suffer with a stifling hot attic or a cedar roof that looks old or in poor repair a moment longer. Get in touch with Cedar Roof Coating now.

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