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Why Do My Wood Shingles Curl? What Does It Mean?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

You love your cedar roof, and with good reason. A cedar roof can give your home a warm, natural look that can be extremely pleasing to the eye. The right cedar roof can also enhance your home’s curb appeal and may even increase property values. Naturally, if you have a cedar roof, you want it to look great for as long as possible.

If you have a wood-shake roof, you may have noticed that your cedar roof looks like it’s curling. You may be wondering is this normal, and what causes shingles to curl? A little cedar-shake curling is normal, but here are some ideas on what to do about a curling cedar roof.

What Is Curling or Cupping?

Curling, also called cupping, is the effect of a shingle or shake curling, warping or otherwise looking distorted, as opposed to the even, flat look your shingles normally have. While it makes sense to want your cedar roof to look new and healthy, a little curling is a natural consequence of having a cedar roof over time and can give your home some character. However, if your shingles are curling excessively or a significant number of shingles are starting to curl, it’s important to take action.

Why Does My Cedar Roof Curl?

Curling is a natural process that reflects the continual barrage of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and weather effects like rain on wood. The effects of aging are a necessary consequence of having natural material as the roof of your home. The more elements your cedar roof must protect you from, the faster it is likely to age and show curling shingles. Cedar shake siding curling is common and can also be caused by the same factors as your cedar roof.

What Should You Do if Your Wood-Shake Roof Experiences Curling?

If it’s just a few shingles and the curling is minor, there’s no need to take action. However, wood-shingle curling is a good barometer of when your cedar roof needs maintenance. Besides curling, other signs of shingle damage – like cracks, splitting and fraying – may be an indication it’s time to replace some of your shingles.

Although it may be tempting to take matters into your own hands, you should never try to replace wood shingles by yourself. Doing so could not only damage your roof, but could also void any warranty you have. If your wood-shingle curling is distressing you and your home is in the Fairfield, Connecticut, or Westchester, N.Y., areas, it’s a good time to contact Cedar Roof Coatings. Cedar Roof Coatings can help make sure your cedar roof looks its best and help you put off replacing your cedar roof for as long as possible.

Cedar Roof Coatings for Shingle Replacement in Connecticut and New York

Cedar Roof Coatings has experts who can replace your curling shingles, making your cedar roof look almost like new. We also offer a lot more, like pressure-wash treatments that make your cedar roof look clean and new without damaging the shingles, and a complete roof inspection to locate any issues that could shorten the life of your cedar roof.

Regular cedar roof inspection is the best way to make sure your cedar roof lasts and looks great for as long as possible. Cedar Roof Coatings can provide a free estimate for services to help you decide exactly how you want to proceed with the care of your cedar roof. Contact Cedar Roof Coatings online or call us at 203.847.5740 today for your estimate, or to schedule a roof inspection or other cedar roof services.

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