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Tips for Maintaining Your Cedar Roof in Summer Time

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

When the outdoor temperature begins to creep upward, most homeowners are planning for vacations, enjoying leisurely days on the links and spending hours at the pool. Between these relaxing activities, however, those with beautiful cedar roofs also need to think about summer time maintenance.

Cedar roofing, whether shakes or shingles, requires some TLC to keep it in exceptional shape during the warmest weather. If your residence is fitted with this type of roofing material, keep these five tips in mind for cedar roof protection during the hottest season of the year:

Tip #1: Visually Examine the Cedar Shakes or Shingles.

Take a little time to look at your cedar roof comprehensively. Are there any areas that seem to be discolored from the rest? This could be an indicator that the cedar or underlying felt has become moist, and mildew is creeping onto the wood. Without intervention, you could risk losing some of your roof due to inadequate protection and mold. Remember that cedar roofs do change color over time, weathering occurs, so don’t be alarmed at consistent, natural changes in the roof’s hue.

Tip #2: Get a Pro to Take the Inspection a Step Further

You can only see so much without getting onto your roof and conducting a thorough examination. A professional cedar roof maintenance provider has a much deeper understanding of what to look for in terms of possible problems. They will investigate all the cedar shingles or shakes for signs of damage or unexpected wear and tear. Then, they can share their findings and recommendations with you. This helps you avoid the need to make costlier repairs in the future.

Tip #3: Have Your Cedar Roof Properly Cleaned

A good cleaning can make all the difference in the way your cedar roof functions and appears. Plan for this kind of cedar roof maintenance every 3-5 years. During the cleaning process, a cedar roof expert will be able to make sure all the cedar is breathing well and is resisting the problems associated with dampness.

Tip #4: Not Sure When Your Cedar Roof Was Last Checked? Call a Professional Now.

Did you buy a lovely new home with a cedar roof? Unless you were given specifics on when the roof was last inspected, you may not have a reasonable indication of whether the previous homeowner knew how to maintain a cedar roof. Contact your local professional cedar roof company so you can get a better understanding of the true health of your investment.

Tip #5: Get Your Cedar Roof Maintenance Done Sooner Rather Than Later

It can be tempting to put off cedar roof maintenance appointments, but it’s never a wise idea. Instead, schedule your home’s summer examination as soon as possible. Why wait? If something needs to be repaired, the sooner you do it, the more peace of mind you’ll have going into the autumn months.

Looking for a well-respected cedar roof maintenance provider? Contact Cedar Roof Coatings for an appointment to survey your cedar roof.

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