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How to Select the Best Color for Your Cedar Roof

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Cedar roofs look absolutely beautiful. Sure, we’re a little biased, but you have to admit that there are few sights as nice as a great paint job topped off by the industry’s best shakes and shingles.

Many of our customers want a new cedar roof that matches their home and their personal style. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your color choice.

Should You Try Light or Dark?

Studies vary with their opinions based on whether or not darker roofs or lighter roofs are better for heating and cooling your home. Some try to extend this to cedar roofs as well, but the stains available don’t ultimately make a significant difference for most of our customers.

When considering what the shade of your roof should be, look to other elements of your home like your bricks or the overall busyness of your home for inspiration. No matter if you do choose light or dark, insulation and proper installation make the biggest difference for your heating and cooling bills, and we can recommend a great company for that.

Match Your Bricks

If you have a brick home, it creates an ideal starting palette for you to consider when picking a roof color. Most people spend a lot of time determining their exterior wall coloring, and you likely have a shade you love. Match it and you’ll create a pleasing aesthetic that’ll last for years to come.

Keep Things Calm With Simple Colors

When matching your home’s existing exterior, always consider how busy things look. Multi-color facades or homes with multiple paint colors across siding and trim may get too jumbled if your cedar roof doesn’t set a neutral in-between shade.

Too many patterns or non-complementary colors can also overwhelm the viewer and make your home feel disjointed.

Thankfully, most cedar shades and stains can serve as a great neutral point that accents today’s most popular and most established home paint choices.

Check the Lighting

You always want to look at your potential cedar shakes in multiple lighting scenarios to get a good feel for how your home will look over the course of its life. Natural wood finishes bring out the cedar’s true color and give you brighter looks that can work especially well in shade.

Plan to Go Grey

Cedar shingles and shakes take on a grey hue over time due to natural weathering. When homeowners desire this natural graying and silver look, we use the clear coat, which allows for that silvering to come back within 6 months to a year after washed. Homeowners that don’t desire the natural graying or silver, we opt to use a very natural, rich brown color – which holds its color for 5-7 years. This cedartone color provides more protection than the clear as well. Lastly, for homeowners that desire the gray look, but don’t want to sacrifice on protection, we offer our slate gray color.

Don’t Forget Your Favorites

The colors you love are likely present in one way or another in your cedar roof options. We’ll help you find the right option that blends your perfect color to match your desires and your existing home. Our staff is here to answer all of your roofing questions from shingle selection to color matching and future maintenance.

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