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Don’t Let UV Rays Harm Your Cedar Roof

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

A cedar roof is an incredible beauty, but it takes some maintenance to keep it in pristine shape. The proper treatment for your cedar roof can keep its elegant look intact and can even help you keep your roof for up to 50 years.

If your cedar roof has started to turn a grey or ashy-white color, you’re seeing damage due to exposure to ultraviolet rays. UV damage impacts your roof on a cellular level, but it can be prevented with the right treatment.

What Damage Does UV Cause?

Light leads to damage of your cedar roof when UV hits the wood. The UV is absorbed by the lignin in your roof – which is essentially the glue that holds the plant and wood cells together – and damages your roof in the process. Over time, the lignin absorbs too much UV and is destroyed.

Once the lignin is damaged, it will begin to seep out of your cedar roof. This can be intensified by rains and heavy winds. Your roof’s fibers are stripped and exposed, giving it a grey appearance. Exposure to UV rays can also play a role in warping or rotting, because the UV damage will open up more of the wood to mold, mildew and pests. Lack of treatment can turn these problems into major headaches and cracks that require shakes to be replaced.

The best way to prevent this damage is to keep your roof dry and properly oiled.

The Proper Treatment of a Cedar Roof

There are a wide range of commercial solutions that can help you protect your roof. Chemical preservatives and coatings applied directly to the wood will create a long-lasting protection. It’s best to turn to the professionals for these coatings due to the pre-cleaning of the roof — if this cleaning isn’t done properly, it can cause damage.

There are other reasons you should keep your cedar roof professionally treated:

  • It will maintain the appearance.

  • The lifespan of your roof can reach 50 years.

  • Cedar planks are increasing in cost and can be expensive to replace.

  • They maintain the natural resistance to wind and insulation.

However, you don’t want to treat your cedar roof right after installation. You should wait at least a year and preferably up to 18 months before you start a treatment regimen. This gives the cedar time to weather, so it can properly absorb the treatment as it is applied.

An early application may also lead to discoloration after a few years, and it will not provide as strong of protection. Now that you understand the dangers of UV and how to protect your roof, it’s time to find the right partner to keep your roof safe.

Start Keeping Your Roof Safe

One of the best ways to protect your cedar roof is by turning to a trusted professional. The soft wood can be easily damaged with today’s equipment, so reliability and a long track record of success are essential to successful roof treatment.

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