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5 Ways to Maintain the Beauty of Your Cedar Roof

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Cedar roofing can provide an amazing look man-made roofing materials just can’t match. However, this roofing material requires specialized care to ensure it doesn’t suffer from premature rotting and other issues. Regular cedar roof maintenance and cleaning, as well as preservation, will help increase the life of your roof and reduce the need for repairs.

1. Get Regular Inspections

Cedar roofing should be closely evaluated once or twice a year to identify problems early enough to fix them before they become serious issues. This inspection should include a check for cracks, curling, broken shakes, as well as rusted or loose flashing.

2. Check for Lichen, Moss and Mold Growth

One of the biggest issues with cedar is the growth of lichen, moss and mold, which occurs when moisture can’t escape the shakes or shingles. Cedar roof preservation can help prevent this growth. If you do identify this issue, a thorough cedar roof cleaning can eliminate the growth and prevent it from causing serious damage.

3. Complete Regular Cleanings

Even if you don’t see any issues, regular cedar roof cleaning is necessary to ensure all dirt and debris is successfully removed. At this time, your cedar roof specialists may also apply cedar roof preservation to help prolong the life of the roof.

4. Weathering Is a Natural Step

Some people mistakenly believe cedar roof maintenance will keep your cedar shingles looking the way they did the day they were installed. However,weathering is a natural part of the aging process for cedar roofing. It will turn a silvery gray over the first five years. While you can’t stop the weathering, you still need to use fire-retardant and other preservation treatments to ensure the quality of the roof.

5. Check Your Insulation and Attic Ventilation

Poor insulation and attic ventilation can increase the amount of moisture contained in your cedar roofing. This can lead to roof rot, especially from the underside where it can’t be quickly identified. For this reason, it’s essential to make sure your attic is properly ventilated and there is enough insulation to keep your roofing dry.

Proper cedar roof maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your roof, especially with a natural material like cedar. With the appropriate care, you can enjoy a beautiful, natural roof for many years.

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