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How Many Years Will A Cedar Roof Last?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Because cedar roofing is a natural material, many homeowners worry they may install cedar roof shingles, only to need replacement a short time later due to the natural breakdown of the wood. However, with the proper cedar roof preservation performed by an experienced cedar roof contractor, this roofing material can last much longer than the more common synthetic roofing materials.

The Natural Aging Process

Unlike synthetic roofing materials, cedar roofing will change over time due to natural weathering processes. While the cedar roof shingles will have a natural wood color when you first install them, the sun and other elements will gradually turn the cedar shingles or shakes a silvery gray color. This process typically takes place over the first five years. At this point, the cedar roofing is more susceptible to curling, cupping, splitting and decay. Fortunately, a cedar roof contractor can perform specific maintenance tasks and cedar roof preservation that can restore the cedar roofing and help it last for longer.

Expected Longevity

Unlike most roofing materials, cedar roofing requires regular maintenance to ensure it will last as long as it potentially can. Without the proper care, this roofing material will have a relatively short lifespan in comparison to synthetic roofing. However, some cedar roofs that have been well-cared for have lasted for as long as 100 years. While the average homeowner isn’t likely to see a lifespan quite this long, hiring a cedar roof contractor to help with maintenance and repair tasks will ensure your cedar roofing will last for much longer than the synthetic alternatives. In fact, many cedar shakes and shingles last between 40 and 50 years with the proper care.

If you are having trouble deciding whether you should install cedar roof shingles or choose a more common type of roofing, exploring the expected lifespan can help you see the value in spending the money on cedar roofing. Not only does this roofing provide a beautiful, natural look for your home, but it also offers a long life as long as you give it the attention it requires.

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