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How to Prevent Ice Damming from Damaging Your Home This Winter

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The cold, snowy New England winter has begun, increasing your risk for the development of ice dams on your roof. If you don’t remove the ice from your roof, you will find you need cedar roof repair from a qualified cedar roof contractor by the time spring arrives. The best thing you can do is prevent the formation of these ice dams from the start.

How Do They Form?

In order to prevent ice dams, it’s important to understand how they form. You heat your home to fight against the dropping temperatures outside, but some of that heat is lost through your roof, regardless of how much insulation you use. This can melt the lower layers of snow, which causes water to run down your roof and into your gutters. Once this water reaches the gutters, it often refreezes and creates a buildup of ice that will eventually become an ice dam. These dams are heavy and place a lot of stress on your roofing and gutter system.

What Can You Do?

There are several steps you can take to prevent the formation of ice dams. Getting proper cedar roof maintenance from an experienced professional is just one step in the process. In addition, you can:

  • Remove the Snow – If there’s no snow on your roof to melt, ice dams can’t form. Invest in a snow rake and remove the majority of the snow after every storm to keep your roof clear and dry.

  • Install Heat Cables – Heat cables run along the bottom edge of your roof and serve to melt any snow or ice that may form here. This will eliminate ice dams and can be an effective option if dams are already forming.

  • Check Attic Ventilation – As part of your cedar roof maintenance, your cedar roof contractor should ensure your attic is ventilating well, which can help prevent ice buildup.

  • Clean Your Gutters – Clean gutters allow the water to flow freely when the temperatures warm up. This is critical when the weather gets warm enough to melt the snow and ice during the day but cools off at night, causing any trapped water to refreeze.

Keep your cedar roof clear of ice dams will prolong its life and prevent the need for cedar roof repair when spring finally arrives. Taking these precautions will reduce your risks and help you keep your home in better shape through the winter months.

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