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How to Keep Your Cedar Roof Moss-Free

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The addition of a cedar roof can add to the look and feel of your home. Differing greatly from traditional roofing materials, cedar can create a unique style, while adding plenty of cottage-inspired charm. Because they come in all shades and colors, you can easily get the home look you prefer just by picking out the right type of cedar.

However, cedar roofing tends to get a bad reputation. Like anything else, without the proper care and precautions taken into consideration, such as roof moss removal and cedar roof cleaning, cedar roofing can be compromised. That's why it’s all the more important to take care of your cedar roof. With regular cleaning practices and treatment if needed, it can offer quality protection to your home for years to come.

Cedar Roof Maintenance Is the Key

Properly maintained cedar roofs seal in heat (or colder air, depending on the season) and seal out moisture in even the heaviest of rains. With just a little know-how, cedar roof preservation can offer all types of homes with the protection they need.

Gathering moss is simply a nature of wood when it's regularly exposed to rain and moisture. One of the biggest maintenance tactics with a cedar roof is keeping it moss-free, especially through cedar roof preservation. Through regular power washings, any moss can be removed. Even in its beginning stages when it can’t be seen by the naked eye, moss can be washed away from cedar roof tiles.

Certain preservatives and chemicals can also keep moss at bay. These forms of cedar roof treatment will adhere to the tiles and prevent moss from taking root into each roof tile, keeping it safe and plant-free. Contact a roof maintenance professional if you suspect your roof needs cleaning or if there may be a problem with moss growth.

Follow Up Maintenance

How often your roof needs some TLC will depend directly upon your location. Both climate and shade around your home will determine how quickly cedar tiles will need cleaning and treating against moss. Over time, the better you learn your roof’s needs, the more likely you’ll be able to safely keep moss – or any other type of damaging growth – away from your roof.

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For more information on moss removal and cedar roof cleaning, contact us. Cedar Roof Coatings has served homeowners throughout New York and Connecticut for more than 35 years.

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