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Cedar Roof Preservation and Restoration

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Cedar roofing may be damaged by a number of factors, including:

  • Improper roofing ventilation

  • Insufficient insulation in the home’s attic

  • Extreme weather conditions like storms and hail

  • Excess snowfall on the roof for an extended time

  • Natural wear and tear or oxidation from UV rays

  • Insufficient maintenance or none at all

  • Ignoring small leaks for weeks or months

These damages can appear in a number of ways, including leaks, flipping, curling, excessive oxidation, rotting and more. The good news is cedar roofing can be restored by a professional contractor.

Cedar roofing, when preserved or restored, can last for decades, especially when kept in pristine condition year-round. Follow some of the tips below for preservation, cedar roof cleaning and restoration.

How to Preserve Cedar Roofing

Older cedar roofing presents many advantages, including a beautiful patina that can only be naturally accomplished with time. This roofing material is symbolic of Old World charm and still highly sought after by home designers and owners. As a result, they can improve the value of a home for sale. Furthermore, the material is resistant to wind and other extreme climates. For eco-friendly advocates, cedar provides natural insulation to save on the cost of energy.

With cedar roofing preservation plans, many problems can be eliminated. Specialist roofing contractors who focus on this type of roofing material are able to prevent cedar roofs from weakening or corrosion so owners can enjoy it for decades to come. Restoration also involves starting with cedar roof cleaning and applying stains for resisting mold and oxidation from the sun’s UV rays.

Cedar roof restorations can promote excellent performance from the roof and extend its life by up to 20 more years. Need to know how long a cedar roof will last on average with or without restoration? Ask our contractor at Cedar Roof Coatings.

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Some damages can be easily restored or repaired. Nevertheless, if the roofing has fundamental damage, it may need to be completely replaced. An expert roofing contractor like Cedar Roof Coatings can inspect the roof and provide the most practical and cost-effective recommendations for a solid rooftop. To schedule an appointment or get a free estimate, contact us.

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