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Ice and Snow Damage to Cedar Roofing: Identifying and Fixing the Problem Areas

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

During the cold winter months, the home’s roofing system takes a thorough beating from snow and ice. What can homeowners do to protect their investment, and most importantly, how can you spot problems on cedar roofing early?

This post will explore some quick tips to spot problems as they happen because being proactive can save on expensive repairs.

Tips for Spotting and Preventing Roofing Issues:

  • Look for Leaks – One easy way to spot leaks is to do a hose test if there hasn’t been rainfall in some time. Check the ceilings to locate any drips or look for discolorations that would point to premature roofing problems.

  • Conduct a Visual Inspection – Following the leak test, homeowners should perform an on-site inspection to look for common issues like missing shingles or excess debris. Lost cedar shingles can be easily replaced.

  • Clear the Gutters – Homeowners are often advised to clean rain gutter systems after the fall since this is when it’s most susceptible to blockage. Furthermore, a free flowing gutter promotes a safer roof during the wintertime as the ice melts.

  • Hire a Cedar Roof Contractor – Do this at least once per year to inspect the roof. Professionals are able to identify underlying problems you’re unable to see with your naked eyes. For instance, roof contractors will have the tools and expertise to look beyond the layers of the roof and correct issues before they evolve into bigger problems.

Roofing Winter Blues

Issues during the wintertime predominantly arise from poor insulation in attics, extreme weather conditions and improper home design. All of these situations can cause ice dams to form, extensive damage to the home’s infrastructure and an overburdened roof from snow. When this happens, emergency winter roofers are usually available to safely take care of the excess snow and ice.

Top methods for snow and ice removal include raking, thawing the ice, mechanical removal, heat, flashing and other techniques.

A roofing replacement can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but this can be easily prevented with proper upkeep. Follow these tips to enjoy years of a good solid roof, all year long.

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