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Cedar Roof Maintenance Is a Specialty Craft, Not a Common Trade

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Cedar roofing is a beautiful addition to any home; however, due to the nature of the material, cedar roof maintenance requires unique care compared to other materials. Because of risks from the elements, it may be essential for homeowners to hire professionals for help. Unfortunately, maintaining cedar shakes isn't something every roofing company can do.

Protection and Insurance

Obtaining licenses, insurance, and bonding is an expense some businesses try to avoid in order to keep their costs down. It is important for homeowners to look for cedar roofing professionals who make the effort to protect their business, employees, and customers from financial difficulty as a result of accidents and other problems. When considering a new contractor, ask them to show proof of their coverage and licensing in order to protect your investment and family.

Affiliations and Accreditation

Some companies obtain affiliations and accreditation to show their expertise in cedar roof maintenance. As you research a prospective company, look for proof of their association with cedar roofing organizations to ensure their contractors are fully trained and experienced in dealing with this particular roofing material. Information of this nature will help you make the best choice when looking for a company to help you keep your cedar roof looking great for many years.

Experience and Value

In addition to making sure your cedar roofing company has the right protection and affiliations, it is also necessary to make sure they have the experience needed to handle your job. Not all companies are used to working with this roofing material and may not offer the level of protection you need to ensure the safety of your roof. Check past projects from the company and request an estimate for their services so you can evaluate the quality of the work they will perform.

Cedar roof maintenance isn't a simple task any roofing company can perform. Cedar shingles require more specialized care than the man-made materials many others choose. To ensure proper protection for your cedar roofing, check the licensing, insurance, affiliation, accreditation, and experience of any company you are considering. This information will help you identify whether or not a company is capable of handling all of your cedar roofing issues.

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