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Why Should I Choose a Cedar Roof over More Traditional Roofing?

Updated: 6 days ago

The reasons are obvious why homeowners prefer cedar roofing over traditional roofing. It's because of cedar's natural beauty! Take a look at any house on your block with a cedar roof. You can see why most homeowners choose cedar shake roofs. They don't just prefer them for looks, though. Most select this roof style because it's practical and durable. All of these benefits make it a great choice when shopping for a new roof to install on your home. Here are some reasons you should purchase cedar.


Cedar roofs are known for their durability and resilience. They're strong during snowstorms, thunderstorms, hurricanes and even tornadoes. Cedar is a type of wood that's resistant to decay, insects and weather damage, unlike many other natural woods. Cedar shakes also experience less shrinkage and are lower density than other types of roofing. Other positive features include being straight and flat and the ability to hold tightly to fastenings. That's because cedar wood is one of nature's toughest woods.

Workability and Versatility

A cedar roof is extremely versatile. That's because of its natural appearance and unique looks. Cedar shakes and shingles can be mixed and they match with almost any house style or exterior paint color. You can choose it in its natural honey color, or you can age it to a classy silver tone.

Each roof looks different, even if a homeowner has the same shake singles as his neighbor. The cedar often varies in color, wood cut, thickness, and pattern. It's also versatile enough to saw, cut, and nail onto anything.

Environmentally Friendly

Cedar roofing is extremely conscious of the environment. Since cedar roofing comes from a natural resource, it's renewable and biodegradable. According to several studies, this type of wood is likely to use less energy and has less of an impact on global warming than other types of roofing. A cedar roof is an excellent choice because it helps protect the environment.

Long Lasting

You'll find your cedar roof will last between 30 and 60 years as long as it is maintained properly. Cedar roof preservation is all dependent on the type of materials and installation you use and regular maintenance. You can care for your roof by power-washing, using the right cleaning solutions and selecting the right pigmented finishes.

Are you interested in cedar roof preservation? Cedar Roof Coatings uses the highest quality products and materials to keep your roof in tip-top shape at competitive prices. Contact us today for a fast and free estimate.


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